Comic-Con: Day One

This year's San Diego Comic-Con has just got underway, and judging by the levels of excitement at the Wednesday night preview, it's going to be a biggie. Normally a relatively slow chance to warm up for the main event which starts in earnest today, this year's preview - reserved for industry peeps and bearers of four-day passes to the event - was such a manic frenzy of activity that it's difficult to see how the buzz at this year's Con can get any bigger.

As soon as the doors opened onto the mammoth exhibition hall, a room big enough to accommodate several football stadiums, the gaps between the hundreds of stands became gridlocked with punters looking for the coolest freebies or the most exciting exhibits (our personal faves were the real Lego Indiana Jones (a life-size Indy made out of Lego) and a full-size model of the Nite Owl's flying machine from Watchmen so accurate that you can see the controls through the windows.

And if all that's enough to get everyone salivating, just think what's going to happen when things get properly rolling. There's plenty to look forward to, with presentations from two of next year's biggest comic-book hitters, The Spirit and the long-awaited adaptation of Alan Moore's classic Watchmen, the chance to get a look at the hottest shows of the upcoming autumn season and more SF and fantasy-related goings-on than you'll find in any other corner on the California coast. SFX will be there on the front lines reporting the news as it happens...