Cloud Atlas lines up impressive cast

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas - the supposedly unfilmable novel by David Mitchell, h as lofty aspirations in the casting department, with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen and Natalie Portman all reportedly approached for a role.

That’s right, providing this roll call of Hollywood's finest accept their roles you could throw a rock at the Cloud Atlas cast and hit a star. Not that you would want to of course.

An adaptation of the ‘unfilmable’ - where have we heard that before - novel of the same name by David Mitchell, and expansive tome that shifts between different narratives by different characters whilst spanning continents and centuries.

But Run Lola Run ’s writer/director Tom Tykwer is up for the challenge and has been working on adapting the script, although he has not yet announced whether he will also direct.

Twyker’s next release will be Berlin-set rom-com, Drei in which a fortysomething couple fall in love with the same man.

Would this dream cast put Cloud Atlas on cloud nine?

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