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Grab an Echo Dot for £22 and ask "Alexa, how do I defeat Ornstein and Smough...?"

cheap alexa echo dot in the cyber monday sales
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Grabbing a cheap Alexa Echo Dot in the Cyber Monday sales could change your life. You can forget about the primitive ways of typing, and start any question with 'Alexa...' and let science look the answer up for you. 

Okay, the chances of Alexa walking you though Anor Londo are slim, but there's a lot you can do when you can ask this tiny Echo Dot all sort of questions, set reminders and get it to play music from Spotify and more. 

Alexa Echo Dot £22.00 (save £27.99)

Alexa Echo Dot £22.00 (save £27.99)
Ask questions, control smart devices, play music and more with this tiny little device. 

With an Alexa you can play music, get questions answered, receive news and weather updates, set alarms and control all sort of smart devices - anything from turning lights on and off to locking doors and changing the heating (you'll need to buy other stuff for that though, so don't get too excited just yet). It can stream from things like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TuneIn and all the rest. You can even use it to make calls to UK phones, other Echo devices or Skype. 

Then there are 'skills', basically additional programs you can get that cover anything from playing games (seriously, there's a version of Skyrim you can play), or things like tracking fitness. There's even a ton of video game Easter eggs - questions you can ask like "Alexa, does this unit have a soul?” for a Mass Effect reference, or "is the cake a lie?" 

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