Catch Fortnitemares' one-time event ending on Sunday and get your glider while you can

Fortnite's Halloween celebration event, so aptly named Fortnitemares, is on its way out - but the spooky fun will only end after a frightful one-time event unfolds. Developer Epic Games revealed on Fortnite's official Twitter account that the finale will take place at the official conclusion of Fortnitemares: November 4 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6pm GMT. Don't miss it! 

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Fortnite's really getting into the swing of these one-time events now. They started with the season 4 rocket launch, then continued with the cube's long journey around the map and into Loot Lake in season 5. There are plenty of ways the Fortnitemares conclusion could go, but it seems safe to assume there will be a big, flashy show that finally puts down all those pesky zombies for good and resolves the whole "floating cube with rapidly growing cracks that somehow summons monsters and blows up islands" storyline. Man, I never thought we'd be talking about "storylines" in a battle royale game, let alone one about cubes.

Hopefully you'll be able to play in time to catch the event yourself, but if not, there's always YouTube. The end of the Fortnitemares event also means you're running out of time to claim event-exclusive rewards, including that lovely "going off the rails on a crazy train" Dark Engine Glider. Make sure you consult our Fortnite Fortnitemares Challenges guide to fill up all those progress bars and reap your rightful rewards while you can.

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