Carries back (because she can never leave) in the new Homeland trailer

A new, full-length trailer has appeared for Homeland season 5, in which a post-CIA Carrie Mathieson is now working as private security in Berlin. However, as soon becomes clear, one does not simply leave the CIA. The new trailer also gives us some more of Rupert Friend’s cleaner, Peter Quinn, who seems to be working overtime here. When the trailer alone sees him take out a handful of targets, you know he’s going to have a busy season. Check out the new trailer, below:

With the show having recovered some of its mojo last time out, there’s plenty to be excited about here, as Carrie soon finds herself drawn back into the world of international terrorism like a moth to a flame. As if anyone ever really believed she’d quit… Homeland season 5 will debut on Showtime on October 4, 2015.

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George Wales

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