Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos location guide

It's collectibles time again, with Call of Duty: WW2 hiding three mementos in each mission of the game. Most of these are pretty small, and if you don't spot their telltale glow you could easily breeze straight past them unnoticed.

That's where this guide comes in, as we'll show you exactly where to find all 33 mementos and unlock the Pieces of History trophy or achievement for your efforts. If you miss any on your playthrough then don't worry - you can go back for them via Mission Select, and they register as soon as you collect them so you don't need to replay the whole mission. Ready soldier? Then let's begin...


1. Nazi Knife
Mission Objective: Ascend the Bluffs

At the far end of the first trench you enter, ignore the steps to the left and continue into the last bunker to find the Nazi Knife stuck in the ledge.

2. Compass
Mission Objective: Clear the Bunkers (3/5)

After clearing out the flamethrower bunker, retrace your steps back past the next bunker entrance to the open area, where another room has opened and the Compass is on a desk inside.

3. Pathfinder Patch
Mission Objective: Destroy the Artillery / Rally with Your Platoon

After destroying the artillery at the farmhouse, go into the barn and look for the Pathfinder Patch at the far end on a bench.

Operation Cobra

4. Lighter
Mission Objective: Get on the Tank

Right at the start of the mission before getting on the tank, turn right and grab the Lighter from on top of the barrels by some soldiers.

5. Pocket Watch
Mission Objective: Reach the AA Gun

After the forest path where you drop into a large open area with the AA Gun ahead, look on the left for a shed and check the desk inside for the Pocket Watch.

6. Gas Mask
Mission Objective: Push Forward with your Armor

After stacking up behind a tank and pushing into the next area, look for a tunnel entrance to the right (after a tank destroys the MG nest) and grab the Gas Mask from the downed enemy inside.


7. Locket
Mission Objective: Take the Church

At the start of the mission you'll approach a bombed out building full of soldiers. Head upstairs and look for a ledge facing the child's bedroom, to find the Locket hanging on a mirror.

8. SS Pin
Mission Objective: Clear the Church

When facing the doorway the flamethrower enemy comes out of, turn right and drop into a small crater to find the SS Pin tucked into a hole.

9. Fuel Canister
Mission Objective: Defend the Area

When you regain control after escaping the Church, go straight ahead down the slope and look for the Fuel Canister on the right hand side.

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