Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos location guide

Hill 493

22. Journal
Mission Objective: Escort the Engineer / Capture the Hill

After escorting the engineer then using the charge to destroy the pillbox, look for a soldier slumped next to a large tree stump in the area down the hill from the wrecked bunker to find the Journal next to them.

23. Pipe
Mission Objective: Destroy the Artillery

When you reach the first artillery to destroy, look in an alcove to the right of the position to find the Pipe.

24. Bill Fold
Mission Objective: Clear the Area

Once you've destroyed the first artillery and opened the door to exit the next bunker, follow the trench to the left and go around the left hand edge of the area until you spot the Bill Fold on the ledge of a bunker opening.

Battle of the Bulge

25. Camera
Mission Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box

As soon as the mission starts, look on the rock to your right behind the three soldiers grouped together to find the Camera.

26. Comic Book
Mission Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box

When you reach the objective to deliver the ammo box, you'll find the Comic Book sat on the right hand side of the bunker.

27. US Wings Medal
Mission Objective: Hold the Line

When you're instructed to Hold the Line near the end of the mission, head to the right hand end of the trench (as you face the enemy) and go up a little slope to find the US Wings Medal in a box by a bunker with a green sheet over it.


28. Magazine
Mission Objective: Reach the Overwatch Position

Once you infiltrate the base, head to the second hangar on the right hand side and grab the Magazine from a crate next to a soldier sat in a chair.

29. Silver Flask
Mission Objective: Reach the Tower

After the sniping section you'll drop down to an area with a barracks straight ahead of you, behind a wall. As you clear the room, look on a table between the bunks to find the Silver Flask.

30. German Wings Medal
Mission Objective: Provide Overwatch to Pierson

As soon as you go inside the tower, look on the right hand side at ground level to find the German Wings Medal on a crate.

The Rhine

31. German Canteen
Mission Objective: Secure The Tower

In the first tower, when you reach the second floor you'll find a dying enemy soldier with the German Canteen on the floor near them.

32. Beer Stein
Mission Objective: Secure The Tower

In the second tower, after you reach the first floor and take out the sniper you'll see the Beer Stein on a table near the stairs.

33. Letter
Mission Objective: Secure The Tower

At the top of the second tower, deal with the enemies then look on the crate by the machine gun for the Letter.

Congratulations - you've found every Memento in Call of Duty: WW2 and unlocked the Pieces of History trophy or achievement.

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