Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos location guide


10. White Rose Poster
Mission Objective: Stop the Train

While sneaking through the first house, you can take out the three soldiers standing around the back from inside if you shoot quickly enough without raising the alarm. Round the back of the house near some vehicles you'll find the White Rose Poster inside a barrel.

11. Dog Collar
Mission Objective: Stop the Train

In the next house you enter, with the fire burning outside, stick to the left and head into the next room to find the Dog Collar on a desk.

12. Rocket Blueprint
Mission Objective: Rally with your Squad

As you crawl under the last train carriage, you'll be attacked by a dog at the bottom of a slope. Look to your right here to find the Rocket Blueprint on a crate, before heading up the hill.


13. Propaganda Poster
Mission Objective: Search for Officer Fisher

After passing the checkpoint and entering the main building, go straight ahead through the open doorway into the corridor, then turn right to find the toilets. Go inside, and you'll find the Propaganda Poster on the floor of the last stall.

14. Liquor Bottle
Mission Objective: Place Explosives on the North Gate

After meeting up with Crowley again, go onto the balcony and turn right, then climb along the ledge to the next balcony. Go inside and head downstairs, where you'll have the optional objective to rescue Fischer. Next, go down the short steps and through a doorway then open the door opposite. Inside, turn right and go up the stairs then enter the office ahead to find the Liquor Bottle on a table.

15. German Medal
Mission Objective: Assault the Garrison

After detonating the two explosives, you'll fight your way through the streets to the Garrison. When you reach a wide bridge with an APC at the other side, look for the German Medal on a crate in an open area straight ahead.

Collateral Damage

16. Music Sheet
Mission Objective: Reach the Hotel

Once the tank section is over and you're heading down the streets, go around the first corner to the left then look for a piano with a Music Sheet on top as the machine gun firing starts.

17. Cigarette Box
Mission Objective: Reach the Hotel

After squeezing through the barricaded door and taking out the enemies in the next area, go straight ahead through several holes in the walls and up a ramp (not the one your allies go up), then turn around and follow the upper floor back the other way. Jump the gap to a room ahead, where the Cigarette Box is on a fireplace.

18. Hotel Pen
Mission Objective: Secure the Hotel

When you blow up the wall to get into the Hotel, look behind the counter on the right as you enter to find the Hotel Pen.

Death Factory

19. German Flare Gun
Mission Objective: Eliminate the Mortar Team

After grabbing the sniper rifle and driving the mortar team back, go around the back of the truck on the right hand side of the clearing to find the German Flare Gun on top of some crates.

20. Food Container
Mission Objective: Find Your Squad

After the mortar strikes, you'll find a pilot hanging from their parachute - just beyond you'll be attacked by a dog, then to your left in the crashed plane you'll find the Food Container.

21. US Army Rations
Mission Objective: Eliminate the Sniper

Once you've gone up the stairs and taken out the sniper, look to your left as you go back down and jump to the metal platform over the steps, where you'll find the US Army Rations on a chair.

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