Call of Duty: WW2 Heroic Actions location guide

You'll witness many horrors of war during the campaign, but also great moments of heroism, and that's where the Call of Duty: WW2 Heroic Actions come in. If you want to prove your mettle then you'll need to be in the right place at the right time to drag your Call of Duty: WW2 allies to safety, force enemies to surrender, or save allies who are locked in struggles with opposing forces. There are 23 of these Call of Duty: WW2 Heroic Actions to perform in total, and completing all of them will earn you the following trophies or achievements for your virtual collections:

I've Got You! - Drag 9 unique allies to safety.
Quarter Given - Get 4 unique groups of enemies to surrender.
Rescuer - Save 10 unique allies locked in struggle.

Bear in mind that these events are context sensitive so may not always appear in the exact location shown in this guide, though if not then they will be close by. They are often time limited as well, but if you fail to complete the action and it doesn't register (check in the pause menu) you can simply choose to restart from the Last Checkpoint and have another attempt, or revisit later via Mission Select. Good luck, soldier!


1. Struggle 1/10
Mission Objective: Clear the Bunkers (1/5)

After clearing the first bunker, follow the trench towards the next one and shoot the enemy on the left before they can kill Private Ryu.

2. Struggle 2/10
Mission Objective: Clear the Bunkers (3/5)

When entering the fourth bunker, sprint down the first corridor and save Sgt. Gu from the enemy pinning him to the wall.

Operation Cobra

3. Surrender 1/4
Mission Objective: Reach the AA Gun

Once you've left the house and cleared out the enemies in the next field full of haystacks, run to the forest path ahead and aim your weapon at the soldiers to make them surrender.

4. Struggle 3/10
Mission Objective: Push Forward with your Armor

After stacking up behind a tank and pushing into the next area, look for a tunnel entrance to the left and shoot the enemy inside attacking Sgt. Pounds.

5. Surrender 2/4
Mission Objective: Push Forward with your Armour

After sniping to destroy the artillery guns, follow your tank and drop down into the trench then turn right and allow the enemies ahead at the junction to surrender.


6. Drag 1/9
Mission Objective: Take the Church

As you approach the Church, a half-track will roll through and injure one of your allies. Grab them quickly and drag them to the marked area behind cover.


7. Drag 2/9
Mission Objective: Stop the Train

When you exit the second house, you'll spot a downed ally in the street at the bottom of the steps. Take out the incoming dogs then quickly drag them to safety.


8. Drag 3/9
Mission Objective: Assault the Garrison

After detonating the two explosives, you'll fight your way through the streets to the Garrison. When you reach a wide bridge, a resistance fighter will drop in front of you - drag them behind cover.

9. Surrender 3/4
Mission Objective: Clear the Building

When you head upstairs while clearing the Garrison building you'll enter a room - after taking out the first few soldiers the rest will surrender.

Collateral Damage

10. Drag 4/9
Mission Objective: Reach the Hotel

After the tank section when you start heading down the streets, push forward where you encounter machine gun fire and pull the soldier ahead to safety behind the car.

11. Struggle 4/10
Mission Objective: Reach the Hotel

Immediately after you squeeze through the barricaded door, enter the next room and shoot the soldier attacking Pvt. Rogers.

12. Struggle 5/10
Mission Objective: Secure the Hotel

When you blow up the wall to storm the Hotel, quickly push through to the back and shoot the soldier attacking Cpl. Roberts by the ornate doors.

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