Call of Duty: WW2 Heroic Actions location guide

Death Factory

13. Drag 5/9
Mission Objective: Defend the Bridge

When the enemy deploys a smokescreen, fall back to the other end of the bridge and watch for an ally getting dropped, then drag them to cover.

14. Drag 6/9
Mission Objective: Eliminate the Sniper

As you approach the sniper's nest, you'll hear an ally calling out for help. Running into the open to grab them will normally get you killed - hopefully you're still carrying a smoke grenade, which you can throw in front of the nest to cover you while you drag them to safety.

15. Struggle 6/10
Mission Objective: Capture the Mill

When you reach the Mill area, enter the large building on the left then look down to the lower passageway and shoot the soldier attacking Cpl. King-Yost.

Hill 493

16. Drag 7/9
Mission Objective: Eliminate MG Gunners

Approach the machine gunners via the leftmost trench, and you'll find a wounded ally who needs dragging to safety.

17. Struggle 7/10
Mission Objective: Disable the Tank

After placing the first thermite charge on the tank, sprint into the bunker on the far side of the area and rescue Cpl. Olmos.

Battle of the Bulge

18. Drag 8/9
Mission Objective: Form Up on the Center Line

When you're told to Form Up on the Center Line, look for a downed ally near the middle of your trench and pull them to safety.

19. Struggle 8/10
Mission Objective: Rally on Pierson

At the end of the mission when you need to regroup with Pierson, look for the same ally you previously dragged to cover, Pvt. Pennya, and save them from the soldier attacking them. This Heroic Action glitched a few times for us and didn't always trigger - if you're having trouble, approach Pvt. Pennya from the enemy side of the trench, then look away and look back to spawn the enemy soldier.


20. Drag 9/9
Mission Objective: Ambush the German Transport

At the start of the mission when you attack the convoy, one of your allies will get downed near the vehicles closest to you - drag them to cover behind the rocks.

At this point you should unlock the I've Got You! trophy or achievement.

21. Struggle 9/10
Mission Objective: Reach the Tower

After the first sniping section you'll drop down to an area with a barracks straight ahead of you. As you clear the room, look for some enemies holding Sgt. Willes at gunpoint and take them out.

The Rhine

22. Surrender 4/4
Mission Objective: Secure the Tower

In the first tower, when you reach the third floor you'll find four enemy soldiers - shoot a couple then allow the others to surrender while aiming your gun at them.

At this point you should unlock the Quarter Given trophy or achievement.

23. Struggle 10/10
Mission Objective: Rally with your Squad

As soon as you get off the AA gun, jump into the trench and follow it around to the left where Cpl. Ly has been grabbed - carefully take out the enemy to perform this final Heroic Action.

At this point you should unlock the Rescuer trophy or achievement.

Congratulations - you've completed all of Call of Duty: WW2's Heroic Actions.

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