Call of Duty: Warzone teleportation glitch is a hell of a way to get around

Call of Duty: Warzone
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A Call of Duty: Warzone teleportation glitch sounds cool at first, but it's mostly just confusing.

Reddit user DandruffMuffin (ew, gross) shared a recording of their first-hand encounter with the glitch, which begins with a normal loot run through a building at Dam but then - cue the record scratch sound effect, or maybe the X-Files theme if you're in a spooky mood - instantly relocates them to a street corner at Promenade. One second they're standing at a window next to their squadmate, the next second they're halfway across the map.

A sweet new teleportation feature... from r/CODWarzone

At least the glitch dropped them right next to a tactical rover? That's the game telling you to deal with it and drive your ass back to the squad, right there.

The player moves so fast that the map around them is stuck in its lowest level-of-detail version, before steadily streaming in the high-res assets you're supposed to see when you're up close. It's a fascinating look at the way a modern game handles a sprawling open-world setting, but it might be hard to appreciate it in the moment. All poor DandruffMuffin can do is wobble around in shock before hopping with confusion. I hope they made it back to their friends before anything else weird happened.

Warzone and Modern Warfare has seen their share of odd glitches in the past, including exploits that have allowed players to move across the map in ways they shouldn't, but this one looks entirely unintentional.

Infinity Ward has banned more than 200,000 Modern Warfare and Warzone players for cheating. 

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