Call of Duty: Warzone datamine points to new map in Urzikstan

Call of Duty Warzone blood money
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The next Call of Duty: Warzone map could be set in Urzikstan, and it could arrive as early as Season 4. 

Reddit moderator DougDagnabbit recently shared a video which was allegedly mined from Warzone files attached to Season 4 assets. The video is a top-down view of the map of Spec Ops activity in the game's fictional Russian regions. It opens with a close-up of Verdansk, the current Warzone map, and ends after panning to reveal the Urzikstan region to the northwest. 

Interestingly, a similar cinematic was shown last year in an early Spec Ops cutscene. YouTuber DrWick collected these cutscenes in a handy compilation; you can view the relevant sequence at 4:24 in the video below (Spec Ops spoilers ahead, obviously).

The old Spec Ops cutscene also shows a map of Verdansk and Urzikstan, but the angle and timing of the sequence is different from what DougDagnabbit uncovered. On top of that, the data mined file ends after Urzikstan is shown on the map, and its presence in a batch of files ostensibly connected to Season 4 of Warzone is also curious. 

Assuming Urzikstan is indeed the new map, this would line up with the creation of Verdansk, which was also pulled directly from Specs Op content. However, despite some emphatic and believable theories supporting it, an Urzikstan map remains unconfirmed for now. With nothing but data mined snippets and speculation to go on, we'll have to wait and see if more concrete evidence crops up as Season 3 progresses. 

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