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Call of Duty: Warzone glitch lets invincible players glitch their way into Gulag matches

Call of Duty Warzone
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A new Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is allowing players to parachute into other players' Gulag matches and kill them.

The exploit – which was revealed by YouTuber NTrippy, albeit without the important information on how to pull it off, thankfully – was revealed in his new Call of Duty: Warzone (opens in new tab) video, "New Warzone Gulag Glitch - Let's you into the arena to kill a player while you wait for your turn". Here, check it out:

NTrippy's not exaggerating, either. The brief video shows the player parachute into the Gulag, take on his confused opponent, and punch him to death.

The real kicker? The "official" Gulag player can't even fight back. The infiltrating opponent is seemingly invulnerable to damage until it's their turn to officially enter the Gulag themselves. Right now, it's unclear what platforms are affected by the glitch.

While for now, the YouTuber has refrained from explaining how the glitch can be triggered, he has, however, suggested to commenters that he might "post how to do it in a couple [of] days".

"I discovered a glitch in gulag that lets you into the arena while you are waiting for your turn!" NTrippy explained in his video's description (thanks, Dexerto (opens in new tab)). "You take no damage from the players fighting, AND you can kill them by punching them!! 

"No, executions don't work. It is a time-bound glitch, so once it's your turn in Gulag, the glitch is over."

ICYMI, a new Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War cheat that uses machine learning (opens in new tab) is on the rise, but Activision is seemingly already taking action against it.

This cheat – which was available for a premium price and promoted through multiple YouTube videos – takes advantage of capture cards on PC to learn from and react to enemy players, effectively giving the user an unfair machine-enabled advantage over other players. However, just a few days after the cheat hitting the airwaves, Activision is reportedly shutting down YouTube channels that advertise it.

Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to cheaters over the past year, of course. Multiple high-profile Call of Duty: Warzone players, including YouTubers, pros, and more, announced they would stop playing the game (opens in new tab) until better anti-cheating measures were put in place by developer Raven Software. Fast forward to April 2021, and nearly 500,000 total Warzone players (opens in new tab) around the world had been banned for cheating.

Some cheats are still escaping detection, however. Back in May, a new cheat, where bullets appeared to curve towards their intended target (opens in new tab) no matter where they were fired from, was apparently evading detection from anti-cheat measures by switching up the usual "aimbot" formula that we're so used to seeing from cheaters.

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