Call of Duty: Modern Warfare datamine reveals 38 unreleased maps, including Rust, Crash, and Shipment

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It looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's map roster is set to be extensively buffered with up to 38 new additions to its present selection, including a number of fan favourite levels from the original Modern Warfare ands its two sequels, according to a new leak from online data miners. 

This will come as good news for those who have found the current list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps leaving something to be desired, with new additions like Piccadilly and Aniyah Palace benefitting camping strategies over more respected tactics like flanking and other forward offensive maneuvers. 

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(Image credit: Activision)

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The leak comes via a data miner on Reddit by the name of Senescallo, who posted a list of the uncovered files alongside some accompanying images of certain maps to verify their discovery. Ready to learn the full selection of their findings? Okay, deep breath... 

The datamined maps are: Cage, Cargo, Hook, Aniyah Tac, Crash, Dam, Krovnik, Farmland, Gulag, Hospital, Layover, Lowline, Lumber, Malyshev, Milbase, Oasis, Port, Prison, Rivne, Shipment (Day and Night), Slums, Stadium, Sub Base, Super, Urzikstan, Torez, Transit, TV Station, Faridah, Rust, Takedown, Borderline, Smetna Farms, Gun Course, and Marksman Range.

It's worth emphasizing that the existence of these files in Modern Warfare's backend doesn't guarantee that they'll be coming to the game proper, as developers often leave prototypes and unfinished designs within the source code of the final product without any intention of bringing them to completion. 

Indeed, 38 maps certainly sounds like a lot, especially as Infinity Ward has promised there'll be no paid map packs for its latest iteration in the blockbuster franchise. Hopefully we'll hear more official information from the studio itself sooner rather than later. 

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