Call of Duty leaker suggests World War 2 will be the setting of upcoming 2021 title

2017's Call of Duty WW2
(Image credit: Activision)

A prominent Call of Duty leaker is claiming that the next game in the series to come out this year will be set in World War 2.

Victor___Z tweeted out an image today showing an image from the 2017 Call of Duty: WW2 game and simply captioned the tweet with a sledgehammer emoji. This is another hint pointing towards Sledgehammer Games developing the game, which would confirm those earlier rumors from this month.

For those counting, It's now been four years since Call of Duty: WW2 released in 2017, which was the last entry in the franchise spearheaded by Sledgehammer Games. The most recent Call of Duty games, on the other hand, have been handled by Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

It does seem strange that Sledgehammer would be returning to make what could be an incredibly similar game to WW2 that the studio already released, but perhaps this could be an effort to change things up from the modern shooters we have at the moment.

The leak is being discussed at great length on Reddit, where people are suggesting what they want to see in the new game and guessing towards its title.

On the prospect of Sledgehammer returning to 'try again' with CoD WW2, one person noted: "Usually I'd be against the idea of them repeating WWII since they tried and failed it in 2017. However, I feel like this is a redemption shot. This time they'll focus on other theatres of war, they'll use the MW engine and make it look beautiful".

At the moment, there's plenty of speculation and leaks suggesting conflicting information regarding the new Call of Duty 2021

Commented on this, one user stepped in to back up Victor's most recent leak about the WW2 setting: "Tom Henderson said Guerrilla Warfare. Okami said 1950s Korea. ModernWarzone said 1950s. Now Victor Z says it’s WWII? Victor Z is reliable though".

As ever with these incessant information leaks, take it all with a pinch of salt.

As for the validity of this leaker, well, Victor has previously correctly leaked crossplay and other features which eventually headed to Modern Warfare so has something of a track record in this department.

If their claims ring true, however, is something we simply must wait for.

It's important to note that neither Sledgehammer, Treyarch or Activision have officially confirmed anything about this unknown 2021 Call of Duty game other than it is currently in development, but everything does seem to be pointing towards a World War 2 title again helmed by Sledgehammer.

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