Call of Duty ARG features a bunch of mysterious countdown timers

Call of Duty: Warzone
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A Call of Duty ARG seems to be in progress, featuring a series of countdown timers and mysterious passcodes.

The first countdown timer began earlier today on December 7, over on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. After exactly an hour, a mysterious broadcast aired in which numbers could be heard read out in repeated patterns.

It turns out these linked into a teaser website which had gone live earlier in the day. On that website, passcodes can be inserted in a very specific order to reveal new information. For example, the third passcode unlocked a minigame involving an RC-XD, where users could make the car jump across a 2D course by hitting up on their keyboard.

Right now, it's not really clear what the teaser website itself could be leading to. Note however that a brief biography linked to someone called Viktor Kuzmin was revealed  through one of the passcodes, and this person apparently has it out for Russel Adler after losing an eye to him. Previous ARGs from the minds behind Call of Duty have run for days, so it could be a while before we find out what's being teased here.

In other Call of Duty-related news, Black Ops Cold War season one launches next week on December 16. The debut season for Treyarch's game was meant to launch later this week on December 10, but Treyarch announced last week that the upcoming seasonal event had been delayed by six days.

When all this kicks off for Black Ops Cold War on December 16, Call of Duty: Warzone will receive a big overhaul as well. As part of aligning the two games into one streamlined progression for players, Warzone will get a brand new map, as well as over 30 weapons from Black Ops Cold War. Additionally, the new battle pass available for Black Ops Cold War will also be progressed through XP accumulated in Warzone.

For our list of the best weapons currently available in the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, head over to our Black Ops Cold War best guns guide for more.

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