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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel locations guide

Mission 8: Achilles Veil

Intel Item 1

As soon as you are able to start firing, go to the right side of the large courtyard and at the far end—to the left of the archway-- will be a staircase. Take it up and the intel will be on the ground in front of the next set of stairs leading up.

Intel Item 2

Immediately after you take control of Mason, you will run forward and turn left down an alley with some quad-choppers. Around the corner that opens up to a larger area, there will be a soldier firing from a ground floor window with a TV screen behind him. Kill him and then enter the room and look in the far corner for the intel hiding on the ground.

Intel Item 3

Just after you exit the town and are running along the dirt path with the Quadrotors, you will come to a path on the right side that leads downwards. Take it and follow it to the building that is just ahead and climb the steps on the right side. Circle around to the ladder behind the building and climb to the roof where the intel will be sitting on the left side beside a large white tank.

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