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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel locations guide

Mission 6: Karma

Intel Item 1

Once you enter the server room, go to the far right and continue forward through the room to find the intel on the desk to the right just ahead of you and before the elevator that you walk into.

Intel Item 2

When you are in the mall, there will be stores on both the upper and lower levers. Go down to the lower level via the stairs and head to the right side to find a clothing store called d’HO. Enter it and behind the counter at the back red wall will be the intel on a shelf.

Intel Item 3

When chasing DeFalco through the large wide open area right near the end of the mission, stick to the right side and just after an advertisment sign of a woman that says “Salon” and before a sign that says “LKH”, the intel will be on a kiosk that can only be seen from the other side. Grab it quickly and then continue your chase.

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