Buy a ticket to the PC Gamer Weekender and get a 4-pack of the amazing Lethal League

Lethal League's Raptor smashes the ball.

Thinking about going to the PC Gamer Weekender? The fun won't stop even after you leave the venue at Olympia London, because you'll also get a free game to play after the event is over. Technically four free games, even! But you'll probably want to give three of them to your friends, because your farewell prize is a four-pack of Lethal League PC codes, courtesy of the fine folks at Fanatical.

Think of Lethal League as Super Smash Bros. crossed with the most aggro form of baseball ever committed to code. Up to four players compete in one arena by smashing a ball back and forth - simple to understand, yet endlessly replayable. Victory is all about timing and positioning; fractions of a second will spell the difference between you sending the ball slamming into your opponent's face or getting taken out yourself.

If that sounds like an excellent party game to play with friends, you are correct. That's why Fanatical's giving you four PC codes to distribute amongst yourself and buddies as you please. Don't worry - Lethal League supports online multiplayer as well as local, so it works for decentralized gaming gangs too.

The four-pack of Lethal League codes is a £29.99 value, and it's all yours as an added bonus for picking up a ticket to the PC Gamer Weekender– don't forget to use our code 'GR20' for 20% off at checkout. That ticket also gets you into the event itself, where you can try out new games before their release dates, learn how to build and optimize your own gaming rig, and share in the glory of the budding Overwatch stars at the OMEN by HP Bootcamp

Find out what's on at the PC Gamer Weekender and a list of all the games at the PC Gamer Weekenderahead of the event, which takes place 17-18 Feb in London.

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