The best Black Friday Star Wars deals - save money on gifts and merchandise

Black Friday Star Wars deals

Searching for Black Friday Star Wars deals is heaps of fun. If you're into collectibles, toys, movies, and games, look no further than the plethora of Star Wars merch that you can get your hands on for a steal this Black Friday. With Disney kick-starting the Star Wars merch machine again, following a regular release schedule of movies, there's never been a better time to pick up some Star Wars goodies. No matter what you actually want to buy - from Lego sets to cooking accessories - there is bound to be a Vader or Yoda-themed version for you to pick up.

Fans can look forward to Black Friday Star Wars deals that focus on the franchise's games, movies, and toys, so if you want to expand your own collection, or pick up a Christmas gift for the Star Wars aficionado in your life, waiting for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to roll around is a must. We've already got a guide to the best Star Wars Lego sets, and to some of the best Star Wars t-shirt options in 2018 - so these are good places to start too. It's a safe bet all these products will see significant discounts on Black Friday too.

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When does Black Friday 2018 kick off?

Black Friday, the most revered of retail events, is the day after Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving is on November 22, so mark your calendars for Black Friday 2018 on November 23.

As the years have gone by, retailers have started their Black Friday promotions earlier and earlier, and you can often find Black Friday discounts and deals on products weeks in advance, running all the way until the end of November. The Monday following Thanksgiving weekend is another chance for massive discounts with Cyber Monday 2018 on November 26.

What is Black Friday 2018 all about?

Black Friday started in the US as a day dedicated to huge discounts for consumers to get the jump on their Christmas shopping. It happens both in retail stores and online, with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and NewEgg amongst those offering deals so good that it'd be rude not to pick up a little something for yourself while you're at it. 

Nowadays, retailers outside of the US have cottoned on to the effect a store-wide discount on products can have on their revenue, so we can all partake in the festivities. Cyber Monday is pretty much the same as Black Friday these days. It used to be the day to get the best tech deals, but with Black Friday deals being drawn out for a week or so, it's just another day for discounts.  

Black Friday 2018 Star Wars deals - what to expect

With the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier this year, and news on Star Wars: Episode 9 trickling in ahead of its December, 2019 release,  there's plenty of Star Wars merch floating around out there to tickle anyone's fancy, from Star Wars t-shirts to Star Wars lego deals.

As well as toys, you can expect to see Blu-Ray and DVD box sets, themed board games, like Star Wars Monopoly, and even housewares - if you count Star Wars Geeki Tikis in that category. Which we do. We may even see a console bundle make its way onto the list of discounted merch. Keep checking in as we hurtle towards the holiday for the best prices on Star Wars games, movies, and merch.   

 Black Friday 2018 - what to watch for on GamesRadar 

Star Wars not floating your boat? Sci-fi not your cup of tea? There are plenty of other bargains to be had during Black Friday. Until then, we've got you covered for deals on 4K TVs, consoles, and even the doodads needed to build your own gaming PC. 

But if you could do with a bit more Star Wars in your life right now, we've got you covered for Star Wars gifts, and all the news on the upcoming movies, as well as how you can watch every Star Wars movie so far for free, right now.   

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