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Black Friday QLED TV deals: everything we expect for November 2021

Samsung Q70T QLED TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

Black Friday QLED TV deals are perfect for those who want to upgrade their display but don't want to break the bank on an OLED panel. These TVs are far cheaper during the holiday sales, which means you'll often find some of the best prices of the year up for grabs. Now that 2021 models are looking a little older on the shelves we're expecting some particularly high value offers on the latest releases, especially considering the fact that retailers will be looking to shift stock that might be replaced by next year's displays soon.

TV deals in general make up a massive part of Black Friday's offerings. Every year we see some of the biggest discounts of the weekend on some of the best gaming TV brands, with many waiting months to upgrade their TV with a hefty discount. That means Black Friday QLED TV deals can get pretty competitive, with some of the best prices often disappearing after just a couple of hours. Sure, we do often see these flash deals replaced with only slightly smaller discounts but it still pays to get in there early. 

With plenty of mid-range and premium releases in 2021, and a range of models still available from last year, the shelves are looking pretty well stocked for Black Friday QLED TV deals this year. We've got our eye on several of the best QLED TVs on the market for some excellent discounts in November, from the very latest and greatest Samsung releases to more affordable Hisense TVs. 

That's why we're rounding up all our expectations for this year's Black Friday QLED TV deals right here. Getting to know the models that will likely see the biggest savings and prepping a game plan for the retailers that should bring the best offers is crucial to making the most from this annual sales event, so you'll find all our latest price predictions and top tips right here. 

When will Black Friday QLED TV deals begin?

Black Friday officially kicks off on November 26 this year. That's when we expect the biggest blockbuster discounts to hit the shelves, but if you're after a saving a little sooner there's plenty of good news. 

In recent years we've been seeing retailers offering early Black Friday QLED TV deals as soon as October, and we expect a similar situation in 2021. Last year, this elongated sales period was designed by stores to take advantage of the boom in online retail and was potentially necessary for holiday shoppers due to the shipping delays. However, the period was so successful that we do expect earlier offers to start filtering through before November once again.

Where to find the best Black Friday QLED TV deals

We'll be sorting through all the Black Friday QLED TV deals on the day to bring you the very best offers right here. Bookmark this page and stay tuned, then, if you're after handpicked offers that won't waste your time. However, if you are going it alone in November, we'd recommend starting your search with the retailers below. 


Amazon: regular discounts across a massive range of brands
Best Buy:
best for TCL and bundles on Samsung displays
B&H Photo:
often discounts older renewed models as well
frequent savings on a wide range of Samsung models
wide range of new and old models available
direct discounts on the latest and greatest Samsung TVs
regular savings on TCL, Hisense, Samsung and more


Amazon: some of the best prices on Hisense, TCL and Samsung
Appliances Direct: regularly offers lowest prices around on big brands
bundle deals often include soundbars and brackets
excellent prices with regular promo codes and freebies
John Lewis: regular discounts and excellent warranties
PRC Direct:
sometimes has the best discounts around during sales
often holds its own sales with great prices
often price matches during big sales with plenty of stock

Black Friday QLED TV deals: what to expect

Samsung QLED TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

There are a few displays that we're going to be looking particularly closely at during 2021's Black Friday QLED TV deals. From new releases that are already seeing early discounts to older models that are primed for some hefty reductions, it's likely we'll see a healthy range of prices on the shelves come November. 

The Samsung Q70T, one of our top QLED models, dropped down to $797 for a 55-inch display in last year's offers, a price that's been spotted only once in 2021, way back in January. You'll usually find the premium panel available for $899 in sale events, $100 off the $999 MSRP. Considering this will have spend a good chunk of time on the market by the time this year's Black Friday QLED TV deals roll around, we're expecting a larger discount in 2021, potentially flashing down to $699 before returning to $797 later on in the sale. 

If you're after something a little pricier, the Samsung QN95 / QN90A has already taken part in a few major sales in 2021, and is sure to appear as a Black Friday Samsung TV deal. Both the 50-inch and 55-inch models hit new record low prices in the summer's Prime Day sale, with the former down to $1,297 (was $1,499), and the latter sitting at $1,497.99 in June (was $1,799). These were particularly strong prices, though everyday sales have dropped these displays back down to $1,397 / $1,599 respectively since then. We're expecting a return to these record low prices in Black Friday QLED TV deals 2021, though an additional $100 off wouldn't be too surprising either. 

Both of these top models are little expensive, so if you're looking at the more affordable ranges from Hisense and TLC it's worth noting that there will still likely be some excellent offers further down the price scale as well. 

The Hisense U6G has only been on the shelves for a few months now, but it's already seen a handful of smaller discounts. These models have seen between $20 - $150 off (depending on size) over the summer of 2021 - prices we expect to be slightly improved upon in November. That means you'll likely be able to find a 50-inch model for around $459, 55-inch for $529, and 65-inch for $659. 

Black Friday QLED TV deals: price predictions

  • Samsung Q70T: MSRP $999 | Expected price $699 - $799
  • Samsung QN95: MSRP $1,499 | Expected price $1,199 - $1,399
  • Hisense U6G: MSRP $499 | Expected price $399 - $479

Is it worth buying a QLED TV on Black Friday?

Black Friday is well known for its TV deals; they're some of the most popular offers in November and many put off picking up a new display throughout the year in preparation for holiday discounts. 

That's because we tend to see some of the lowest prices of the year during this weekend, as brands plan to release the next iteration in the following months. Retailers are looking to clear this stock before the next annual refresh hits in 2022, so this year's models (and a few of last year's) will be seeing some excellent prices come November. 

Black Friday QLED TV deals, then, are definitely worth a look if you're looking to upgrade beyond standard 4K but don't want to spend four figures on a premium OLED model. 

Today's best deals

If you can't wait until this year's Black Friday QLED TV deals for a discount, you'll be happy to know that plenty of the best models see price drops every day. You'll find all the lowest costs from around the web just below. 

QLED displays make excellent PS5 or Xbox Series X TV options, but you'll find plenty more options in our guide to the best 120Hz 4K TV on the market. Or, if you're after something a little more premium, check out the best OLED TVs available now, or even prepare for the Black Friday projector deals if you're thinking of going massive.

We're also rounding up all our expectations for this year's Black Friday OLED TV deals, lack Friday PS5 TV deals, and Black Friday PS5 and monitor deals as well.

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