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Black Friday gaming headset deals 2021 - get a PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC headset for less this year

Black Friday headset deals
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1. PS5 & PS4 headsets
Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One headsets
Wireless headsets
PC headsets
Switch headsets

Black Friday gaming headset deals are always a keen highlight for gamers during the super shopping season and we're never short of decent discounts. If you are in the market for a new headset, it's absolutely worth hanging on until November as you might get the lowest price of the year. 

But when the deals come in full force, it'll be a bonanza as usual with everything from class-leading sets of Razer audio-givers, to kitted-out Arctis sets, and even just simpler, affordable sets being reduced in price and reduced to tempting levels. Also, special savings may be made that'll appeal to folks cutting the cords as the best PS5 wireless headsets, and best Xbox Series X wireless headsets will have their wireless premiums will be removed with the discounts (hopefully).

And because of those new-gen consoles, there's going to be more to choose from than ever. Those lucky people who have the PS5 and Xbox Series X in their hands (and even those who are still chasing PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock relentlessly), will see even more options than before with shelves and ranges growing by a whole console generation since last year's deals. That means if you're on the lookout for the best PS5 headset or the best Xbox Series X headset, then this time around - a full year after the consoles' release - you'll likely have more luck. And with both major console platforms having lots of crossover compatibility, you may find that the best PS4 headsets and the best Xbox One headsets are just as attractive this year.

Whatever you play, however you play it, and whatever you play it on, there's going to be something for you here.

Gaming headset deals right now:

It won't all be about the new generation of consoles, though: some of the best Nintendo Switch headsets will also be heavily discounted. And if you're you're after something for PC gaming, then the best PC headsets for gaming and best wireless gaming headsets will all feature strongly in the Black Friday gaming headset deals too.

However, such is the nature of the market, we can see the prices of our favourite headsets of all kinds starting to shift already. With that in mind, we've herded up our top handful for each major headset category below. As you can see, our price and deal-finding tech is already digging out some tasty prices. If you really can't wait for the Black Friday gaming headset deals to start, then this is a great resource for you.

When will the Black Friday gaming headset deals start?

The Black Friday headset deals officially kick off on November 26. Some stores just can't help themselves though and will launch their Black Friday offers ahead of the competition. 

Some stores go super early, we've seen some tasty discounts start coming around mid-October in the past, but traditionally, the second half of November is the real blockbuster season for the biggest discounts of the year, especially on headsets that have been around for longer. If a headset has only just been released, then you'll almost certainly get a better offer six months later. 

Black Friday gaming headset deals - PS5 & PS4

Black Friday gaming headset deals

(Image credit: Future)

The Black Friday gaming headset deals are going to be the prime place for PS5 and PS4 players to get in on the action. Here are a bunch of prices on the latest and greatest. To get an idea of why they're so good, check out our guides to the top PS4 headsets and PS5 headsets.

Black Friday gaming headset deals - Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

Black Friday gaming headset deals

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

Xbox Series X and Xbox One players are also going to have some top picks in the Black Friday gaming headset deals this year. You'll find the latest prices below, but, again, I refer you to our guides to Xbox One headsets and Xbox Series X headsets to ensure you know which ones to look out for now and in the future.

Black Friday gaming headset deals - Wireless

Astro A50

(Image credit: Astro)

If you're going to move to the cordless realm this year, then wireless headsets are definitely going to be some of the best Black Friday gaming headset deals with the higher prices (due to wireless tech) more than compensated for in the winter sales. Here are a handful of our favourites and their latest prices.

Black Friday gaming headset deals - PC

Black Friday gaming headset deals

(Image credit: Razer)

Our same price-finding tech is also pulling through the latest prices on a bunch of PC headsets to go. These will be ones to look out for later this year in the Black Friday gaming headset deals.

Black Friday gaming headset deals - Nintendo Switch

Black Friday gaming headset deals

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

Switch users don't always get the broadest range of choices in headsets at the best of times, but we've pulled together some of the latest prices nonetheless. Again, look out for these when it comes to the Black Friday gaming headsets deals properly, and for more suggestions, stop on by our guide to Nintendo Switch gaming headsets.

Do you go wired or wireless in this year's Black Friday gaming headset deals?

One of the main choices shoppers will have to answer for themselves before or during this year's Black Friday gaming headset deals is whether to go wireless with their audio-givers or retain that trusty wired audio jack connection - or swap to a USB wired connection, perhaps.

It's a decision that's not quite as easy as you might first think - the attraction of removing any wire from a gaming setup is undoubtedly tempting, for example - and that's because of a few pros and cons that both kinds have and continue to offer or have as (slight) compromises.

Wired headsets: The fact remains that maintaining a wired connection with your headset does indeed allow for some tangible benefits: multi-device compatibility (even with the slightly newer USB-connected sets) and low-to-zero latency audio provision. You can also get some further benefits from external soundcards and gadgets that might just be beyond wireless ones - for now. Wired headsets are cheaper too, on the whole - so you'll save some bucks by looking out for a shortlist of top wired sets that are likely to have their prices slashed. The Turtle Beach Recon 500 from this year could be a seriously great contender for those looking for a top wired gaming headset deal this Black Friday.

Wireless headsets: Arguably becoming more and more favorable, the wireless Black Friday gaming headset deals are likely to be a real gold mine this year. They still retain a bit of a 'wireless premium', but the allure of cutting cords is strong. Even more so as wireless technology has greatly improved cutting out latency drastically, and forming stronger, more stable connections than ever. The Black Friday headset price cuts regularly take off that wireless premium meaning you can get some quality sets for way less, great value, and - particularly for console players - enjoy not being plugged into units or controllers anymore! We'd keep close eyes on the likes of the Steelseries Arctis 7P (or 7X for Xbox players), Sony Pulse 3D, and Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2s and Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2s for console players, and the likes of the Astro A50 headset, and Razer BlackShark V2 Pro for PC for sure (we reviewed the wired Razer BlackShark - which is also excellent - but the wireless one is truly great).

We're also keeping early eyes on the Black Friday gaming chair deals and Black Friday laptop deals so you can get ahead of the game in those realms too. We've got a feeling Black Friday PS5 deals will be ones to watch too.

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