Bizarre PS4 and Switch Red Dead Redemption port adds a 60 FPS mode months after launch – but only on PS5

Red Dead Redemption
(Image credit: Rockstar)

Red Dead Redemption finally runs at 60 frames per second - on PS5, at least.

Earlier today, October 4, Red Dead Redemption players on PlayStation noticed that patch 1.03 had quietly added a new 'framerate' option, albeit for PS5 players only. This toggle finally lets players on new-gen hardware switch Rockstar's modern classic to run at 60FPS.

Patch 1.03 adds a 60fps Toggle to Red Dead Redemption! from r/reddeadredemption

The addition has been so quiet that even PlayStation's own update log for Red Dead Redemption has no mention of the 60FPS toggle, as seen in the second screenshot above. Finally, Rockstar put out the tweet just below later in the day, certifying the new 60FPS feature for all on PS5.

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"Great. Now can they do RDR2?" reads the top comment underneath the above Reddit post. "And miss the opportunity to sell it on PS6 for 80 euros just for that toggle? Nah man, remember this is Rockstar," chimes in another commenter in response.

Rockstar's modern makeover for Red Dead Redemption was incredibly unpopular when it launched earlier this year. After years spent waiting for a proper remaster, Rockstar instead dubbed the port a "conversion" which introduced Red Dead Redemption to last-gen machines for the considerable price of $50.

People really, really weren't happy about this. Publisher Take-Two's CEO even responded to the outcry surrounding the price tag shortly after the launch, calling it "commercially accurate." Regardless of whether it's "accurate", Rockstar lost some goodwill over the steep asking price, which is why we're now seeing a bit of resentment towards the developer with today's news of a new-gen-only 60FPS patch for a last-gen port that arrived years too late. 

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