Beyond The Spider-Verse producers finally address release date delay rumors

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
(Image credit: Sony)

Our spider-sense is telling us that it’s more and more likely that Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse won’t make its release date early next year. There have been several hints over the past few months, including some comments from the actors who haven’t even started recording lines.

Now the movie’s producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have given a cryptic response about if it could be shifting from the March 29, 2024 slot. 

"I would say that just like we're going to take the time necessary to make Beyond the Spider-Verse great," Lord told on the press trail for their show The Afterparty. Miller added to his answer, "And we won't back into a release date that doesn't fit."

The comments come the week after an animator on the film suggested that the current release date was a pipe dream. "They’ve announced that Beyond the Spider-Verse will be released in March of next year," the anonymous animator told Vulture

"I’ve seen people say, 'Oh, they probably worked on it at the same time.' There’s no way that movie’s coming out then. There’s been progress on the pre-production side of things. But as far as the production side goes, the only progress that’s been made on the third one is any exploration or tests that were done before the movie was split into two parts."

We’ll have to wait and see if there is an official confirmation from Sony anytime soon, but the studio has removed the release date from their Twitter page. For the new superhero movies still on the way (and other major releases), here’s a breakdown of all of the 2023 movie release dates.

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