The best Samsung Neo QLED price and deals right now

Samsung Neo QLED
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Snagging the best Samsung Neo QLED price or deal is going to be a little difficult given they are only just available for pre-order. However, there are already some retailers offering cashback offers that shave money off the screen, meaning you can get the Samsung Neo QLED TV cheap - relatively speaking, anyway. Because it's a dead-cert to be one of the best gaming TVs of this year and almost certainly one of the absolute best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, finding the best Samsung Neo QLED deal this early in the year is a great way to inject some exciting quality into your console gaming setup.

All the specs and features that the Samsung Neo QLED TVs have indicate that this range will be some of the manufacturer's best ever panels, ensuring that the TVs will compete incredibly strongly with all those vying to be the top dogs (that includes those in the field of the best 120Hz 4K TV for gaming and entertainment). As a result, we all want the best Samsung Neo QLED price and deals already. To get us started, here's what out our bargain-hunting tech can currently find at retailers.

Samsung Neo QLED: what makes it special?

Samsung's top-level models - and even their mid-tier ones, to be fair - are always in the discussion for the best 4K TVs you can buy in any field, be it gaming (which we are of course very interested in), entertainment, or just daily use. However, the Neo QLEDs, sporting a brand-new variant of Samsung's own QLED tech, look to raise the bar further than any other previous year.

Drilling down into the specifics, these TVs have the following features and highlights that will whet you appetite: 100% color volume (measure by DCI-P3), a Quantum HDR of up to 4,000, a New Quantum processor, incredible infinity design enabling edge-to-edge viewing and pictures, object-tracking sound pro audio, HDMI 2.1 support for 4K/120Hz gaming, a solarcell remote, Motion Accelerator Turbo+ for smoothness in pictures, and Quantum Matrix Technology to offer the best colors, contrasts, blacks, and overall picture. All of this is available on a number of models and sizes, giving you flexibility in your choice. The exact mix and configuration of which features you get will depend on the individual model, of course, but it's a tasty proposition whichever model is within your grasp. 

Personally, and from a gaming-first perspective, I'm eyeing up the QN95A Samsung Neo QLED pre-order deals as the device offers four of the HDMI 2.1 inputs that we multi-platform gamers will be after. This will be something to consider for those that have both consoles - or are trying to find PS5 stock or Xbox Series X stock - or fancy plugging one of the best gaming PCs or best gaming laptops into their new TV.

You can get to 85-inches in most of the variants, but this will take you into the size and price range of the likes of the best 4K projector and the best projector for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The latest Samsung Neo QLED prices

Samsung Neo QLED

(Image credit: Samsung)

Remember, Samsung Neo QLED pre-order deals have only recently become available, so the prices you see will mainly reflect that. However, if you've got your heart set on it, you'll find the latest and best Samsung Neo QLED price below. And remember to dig into them a bit, as there is cashback and further offers available at many retailers.

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