Rare, exclusive, or just awesome - the best Funko Pops you need right now

Collecting Funko Pops is a serious business. Sure, they may look adorable, with their massive eyes and oversized heads, but picking up the right Funko Pop at the right time could be a great investment. See, as well as being highly decorative, these little vinyl figures are also highly collectable, and will go up and down in value, depending on demand. And if a certain Funko gets vaulted (essentially, Funko stop making it), then the value will often skyrocket, meaning you can cash in on eBay. Well, if you can stand to be parted from your adorable little buddy, that is. 

And while there are hundreds of different Pops out there, a good Funko is ultimately determined by the quality of the character it's based upon. Forget the obscure figurines without any recognisable traits or detailed idiosyncrasies, you want the iconic personas; the kind of characters that turn the standard Funko template into something unique and distinguished. I’ve selected 30 of the best, based on an equal selection across a range of movies, games, and TV shows, so no pop culture fan should be left without their destined Funko to be. First up, the movie miniatures...

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Black Panther (Chase)

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Black Panther is now out in movie theatres, so what better way to expand your experience of the (excellent) movie, than by grabbing a Funko? You can pick up the regular Black Panther Pop anywhere, for about $10, but if you can find it you should grab this Chase variant instead. It's rarer, cooler, and will likely increase in value especially when Infinity War appears in cinemas. 

Buy it UK: £24.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $29.99 at Amazon

Justice League - Superman

As if you needed any more secret confirmation that Superman is definitely in the Justice League movie, you have the Funko Pop to prove it. And what a Funko Pop it is. The pose, the authentic texture of the Kryptonian skinsuit, the flowing cape… Supes has never looked better. There’s no sign of Henry Cavill’s moustache either, which is a plus. 

Buy it UK: £10.73 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.37 at Amazon

Wonder Woman

And who better to stick next to Superman than his Justice League colleague, friend, and on/off inamorata? The detail on this replication, inspired by Gal Gadot’s take on the Amazonian warrior from the recent Wonder Woman movie, is just as impeccable, too. Say what you want about the DCEU, but it knows a good superhero outfit when it sees one, and Wonder Woman’s amazing get-up has transitioned brilliantly into this fun-sized figure.

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box


Even at just under 4-inches tall, this version of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is still quite a bit larger than his actual size in the movie, but owning a figurine that small would just be pointless. This is the Blackout version, which costs slightly more but... word to the wise... is likely to increase in value if you can pick it up for less than £27 (which it is on Amazon, right now).

Buy it UK: £26.95 at Amazon
Buy it US: $28 at Amazon

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Darth Vader 

He’s one of the most recognizable characters of all time, so no Funko collection is ever really complete without him. There’s a couple of Funko variants on Lord Vader, but the edition based on his brilliant appearance in Rogue One is the most authentic looking of the lot. Sadly, unlike a lot of Jedi Funkos, this one doesn’t come with a lightsaber, but that’s because he’s too busy looking sassy with both hands firmly on each hip. 

Buy it UK: £10.92 at Amazon
Buy it US: $9.64 at Amazon

Harry Potter - Quidditch Harry 

You’re a Funko, Harry. And not just any old Funko, either. This version of the boy wizard is based on his time as part of the Hogwarts Quidditch team. Not only is he wearing his familiar red trench coat, but he comes holding an adorable little Nimbus 2001 and, look closely, a teeny tiny Golden Snitch. And don’t worry, his iconic scar is right there on his forehead too. Ouch. 

Buy it UK: £13.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.40 at Amazon

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow 

Remember back in the days when the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were good, and Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow felt funny and fresh, rather than tired and hackneyed? Why not reminisce over those times with a Funko of the original Jack Sparrow from the very first film? This Jack Sparrow variant is getting rare, so you'll pay more for it but... the price will keep going up, so it's a decent investment (especially in the UK).

Buy it UK: £38.49 at Amazon
Buy it US: $20.98 at Amazon

Homecoming Spider-Man with headphones 

There are a lot of Spider-Man Funkos out there, but this Homecoming replica is by far the coolest. The eyes, the jacket, the headphones… it’s the perfect memento for reminiscing on one of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s best scenes (of which there are plenty). Sadly, the headphones don’t actually play music, but it certainly looks as though Peter is enjoying the sound of silence either way. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

Alien - Xenomorph 

The perfect gift for those who love the Alien films but always squeal and jump behind the sofa whenever the Xenomorph shows up. For what better way to conquer your phobia than by reducing the monster to nothing more than an adorable little figurine? This collector’s edition beats the Alien: Covenant Funko by a country mile, mainly because his sentient tongue is sticking out in all its disgusting glory. H.R. Giger would be proud. 

Buy it UK: £10.85 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.98 at Amazon

James Bond

The name's Bond. Funko Bond. License to adapt very tired jokes for the purpose of talking about a small vinyl toy. Ok, all silliness aside, this Pop Bond is pretty smart, and would actually make a great gift for someone not traditionally into Funkos. You can get several variants, but this classic, Moore-era 'black tux' is the best. 

Buy it UK: £8.04 at Amazon
Buy it US: $9.58 at Amazon

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