Batman and Superman to team-up in Justice League movie!

It’s the news every single comic-book geek has been holding out for – well, except for Stan Lee, maybe – DC Comics’ big two are set to hit the big screen, together for the first time.

The news may make you want to check the date (trust us, it is 23 February and not 1 April ), as, frankly, commissioning a Justice League script seems like the act of a madman.

Not only would it require a budget bigger than all of the previous comic-book flicks combined to pull it off, but it brings together a handful of franchises, some already on screens (Superman, Batman) some on their way (The Flash, Wonder Woman) and some too barking to even conceive (Martian Manhunter).

Studios don’t normally like to place all their alien eggs in one spaceship, preferring to spread out their franchises.

But still, Warner Bros don’t seem to care – they’ve hired writing duo Kiernan and Michele Mulroney to pen the script.

Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov seemed gleeful when he announced the news. "The Justice League of America has been a perennial favourite for generations of fans, and we believe their appeal to film audiences will be as strong and diverse as the characters themselves."

Colour us excited about this one – and if the Mulroneys manage to fit Guy Gardner into the script, we’ll buy them a pint.

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