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Play like a pro by saving £10 the Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller at Amazon

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Those yet to experience pure gamepad heaven should absolutely jump on Amazon's current Cyber Monday offer, which sees Xbox One's prestigious Xbox Elite Series 2 controller listed at a nice £10 saving. Now that might not sound like much on the surface, but every little helps when you consider that this is a product rarely on sale and has only recently hit the store shelves. Grab it now for just £149.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 iterates and improves upon the original Elite in almost every way, sprinkling in new ways to customise your control setup with better hair trigger locks, a textured rubber grip and various swappable components. Throw in the ability to use it for PC gaming in addition to Xbox One play and you've got yourself the last gamepad you'll likely ever need. It's the ultimate way to play like a pro. 

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | £149.00 at Amazon UK (£10 off the standard £159 price tag)
Spoil yourself with one of the best game controllers around on this nice saving on the Elite Series 2.View Deal

The best controller on the market gets even better with the Xbox Elite Series 2, perfectly primed to give pro players the flexibility they need for competitive play while also offering everyone else the upmost in gamepad comfort. The Cyber Monday sales has been rife with discounts on great gaming hardware, but this is one of the most appreciated yet.

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