Videolink SFX169

This month our pick of the best SF and fantasy-related vids online includes a three year old film critic, a very slick short film, and some musical offerings:

Star Wars According to a Three Year Old

An articulate three-year-old describes the plot of Star Wars. Includes the line: “Don’t talk back to Darth Vader, he’ll getcha!" Bless. Link

Theme Planet: Bunny Situation

A stunningly well-animated sci-fi short. It’s actually a teaser for another independent film, Theme Planet. Based on Bunny Situation, it’s going to be one to watch. Link

"Still Alive" in Rock Band

Portal’s ending song is the best videogame song ever, and soon it’ll be playable in Rock Band. Here composer Jonathan Coulton (and some friends) play through the level for a live audience. Link

iPhone Music

One for gadget-lovers. Take two iPhones and one DS with Electroplankton and let them make sweet music together – literally. The bass is a bit haphazard but the end result is really quite soothing. Link

Human Space Invaders

The creation of Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond, this stop-motion video shows a bunch of people in t-shirts sitting in cinema seats. And recreating a game of Space Invaders while they’re at it. Link

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