Thursday Link-a-Mania

Doctor Who at the Proms
There will be a special Doctor Who night at this year’s BBC Proms from the Albert Hall. The special event, on Saturday 27th July, will be presented by Freema Agyeman and will feature music with a space and time theme, including Holst’s The Planets, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie, Fanfare for the Common Man and music from the series. Russell T Davies has written a short special scene to be shown at the Prom, featuring David Tennant as the Doctor, and Daleks and Cybermen will be on stage. The event will be broadcast on Radio 3. More details are available of the BBC's official Prom website .

More Lost This Year?
TV Guide 's columnist Mike Ausiello reckons that a reliable source has informed him that there will be an extra episode of Lost this season beyond the planned run of 13.

Punisher Scheduled
Director Lexi Alexander has updated her blog to announce that The Punisher’s release date has been moved to 5 December in the US.

Mild Spoiler Warning: Trek XI
SyFy Portal reveals some intersting details about why JJ Abrams was filming in Bakersfield, California for the upcoming Trek. Apparently it’s doubling for Iowa, where Kirk comes from.

Download Banks for Free
The Independent is offering free downloads of the audio book version of Iain Banks’s first novel, The Wasp Factory. It’s not one of his SF books, but it is deliciously bizarre.