Thursday Link-A-Mania

First Wolfman pic has the first pic of Benicio Del Toro as the Wolfman in Universal’s remake of the classic monster movie, and an interview with the film’s legendary make-up artist Rick Baker. Wolfie looks good, but there's definitely something of Colombo about the haircut...

Caprica A Very Different Series, Says Producer
Battlestar producers David Eick and Ronald D Moore tell SCI FI Wire that the spin-off show, Caprica, is a little bit American Beauty and a little bit Dallas. “If Battlestar Galactica is Black Hawk Down, I would say that Caprica is American Beauty,” says Eick. “Caprica is all about the inner lives of the people on a planet and how their personal relationships as well as their professional relationships inform what will become the creation of the Cylons.” “This is really more of a sci-fi Dallas,” counters Moore said. “It's a political story, a family story. It's about the creation of the Cylons, and it's about a company. It's planet-based. It's very character-oriented, very serialized and very much about the characters. It's a whole different genre.” A Spoap Opera?

Big Screen A-Team
Not SF or fantasy, sure, but we know you lot hold The A-Team dear to your hearts as a kind of honorary telefantasy, so you might like to hear that a big screen version is on the way, according to Variety .

Frank Miller’s Ronin Heading Big Screenwards
Frank Miller’s early ’80s Akira-esque Samurai sci fi graphic novel Ronin (left) is getting the movie treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The film will be produced by Gianni (300) Nunnari, while Sylvain White is pencilled in to direct after he's completed vampire flick Castlevania for writer/director Paul WS Anderson.

Bond Gets Earlier Release is one amongst about a zillion sites reporting that Bond 22, Quantum of Solace, will be released in the UK a week earlier than previously scheduled on 31 October. Which means we get it before the States.

Halmi Partnership Tipped For Saturn Award
SCI FI Wire , the news section of the US SCI FI Channel’s website, has managed to write a whole story on how the producing partnership of Robert Halmi Sr and Robert Halmi Jr – whose credits include Farscape, Tin Man and Dinotopia – are tipped for an honorary Saturn Award without mentioning their latest project: the SCI FI channel’s own Flash Gordon. Wonder why...?

SFX was at Total Film’s Red Carpet do at the Odeon Leicester Square last night, and here‘s a newsblast of snippets from it: Scotty and the older Spock (ie, Leonard Nimoy) definitely shares screen time in JJ Abrams’s Trek movie, according to Simon Pegg; Guillermo del Toro says he’s still in negotiations about directing The Hobbit; an extended trailer for Prince Caspian looked absolutely stunning (though make-up maestro Howard Berger made the cardinal sin of promising the film would be “darker and grittier" than the first one, a phrase surely copyrighted by the Harry Potter PR office by now); two clips from WALL-E suggest the film is going to be a lot more Sci Fi than previous trailers have made it look, with at least one HUMUNGOUS and awesome-looking spaceship in it...