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This Westworld Easter egg reveals *SPOILER* isn't dead

Here be some serious Westworld spoilers for the whole season so if you haven't caught up with all ten episodes, please avert your eyes and go directly to your catch-up service of choice. 

Right, I am now assuming that you have watched all ten episodes of Westworld and are eager for more knowledge to wake up to and restart your loop, am I right? Ok. Now, as ever, Reddit has been hard at work on Easter eggs in both the series itself and on the official resort website that is now a treasure trove of code just waiting to be explored. 

While you can already check out all the Westworld season 1 Easter eggs, a new startling piece of evidence has been found regarding the fate of Westworld employee Elsie. The last we saw of her, she was being choked out by Bernard under the orders of Ford, but it sounds like Ford might have been speaking the truth when he said he'd never ordered Bernard to murder anyone other than QA head Theresa Cullen (who is one of the few I think we can safely assume is definitely done for). 

Discovered on Reddit, a link to a transmission from Elsie has been found hidden in code released onto the DELOS site after the end of the finale on Sunday night. The code translated out to a binary to text code called Base 64 and became the link to not just that transmission but also a video of the location of Elsie in the park. There she is below in Sector 20. Coupled up with the "Hello?" in that transmission and I'm pretty sure we can say she's alive and well.

This also ties in with the fate of Stubbs. The last we saw of him, he had been led into the wilderness before being grabbed by Hosts in the wilderness who wouldn't stop at his orders. An ideal situation would see this pair somewhere together in Westworld season 2 while the robot revolution is going on. 

Elsie's story certainly seemed cut short so her enquiring mind could have sent Ford to stop her before uncovering his grand plan. I don't imagine he wanted to kill someone for being inquisitive so it makes sense that she's somewhere hidden in the park. 

How are we gong to make it to next season again without going mad? Bring on 2018. 

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