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This cheap PS Plus deal will give you an instant PlayStation boost

PS Plus
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Whether you've been lucky enough to buy a PS5 or are waiting until stock comes back, and are still happily playing on a PS4, a cheap PS Plus deal is always a good idea. As well as playing online you'll be able to take advantage of the free PS Plus games and discounts - it's generally an investment that pays for itself. This is one of the best after Christmas sales going right now, offering a cheap PS Plus deal for 12-months of PlayStation Plus for less than half price. 

This PS Plus cheap offering is on CDKeys in the US, and will get you 12 months for just $32.89 – that's basically half price. If you're in the UK then you can get a 12-month PS Plus deal for £44.99 at Base, saving a fiver off the price. 

Picking up a 12-month PS Plus code with instant digital delivery will get you into - or extend your life on - Sony's online services. If you're already subscribed, you can stack more time at the end of your current membership by activating the code on your account so there's literally never a bad time to take advantage of a deal if you're live right now. If you plan to stay subscribed to PS Plus for the foreseeable future (perhaps for PlayStation 5), laying out a little extra cash now could save you big in the years ahead.

But, naturally, if you've been adorned with a shiny new PS5 for Christmas then this is a must-buy.  Getting a PS Plus membership going is a no-brainer nowadays - but why? As a reminder, a subscription is required to play in many online games, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. On top of that, it comes with great benefits like a monthly selection of free PS Plus games and – if you're playing on PS5 – the truly impressive value of the PS Plus Collection, which gives you access to more than a dozen games including God of War and Monster Hunter World.


12-month PS Plus membership (US) | $60 $32.89 at CD Keys (save 49%)
Get your new PS5 ready for online multiplayer or extend your PS4's online life with a 12-month subscription code delivered near-instantly. These are some of the best savings we've ever seen on a 12-month sub, dropping it to nearly half the standard price.


12-month PS Plus membership (UK) | £50 £44.99 at Base (save £5)
It isn't the flashiest way to kit out your console, but it is arguably one of the most important - especially with extra bonuses like free games. It's only a modest saving but a neat and tidy one after all.

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