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PlayStation Plus Collection game list: Every title for PS Plus subscribers on PS5

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The PlayStation Plus Collection is a fantastic perk for PS5 owners with a Playstation Plus membership. It offers a selection of 20 titles - including some of the best PS4 games - to download for free on PS5. There's no extra charge for the collection, and there are no limitations for any of the 20 games included. As long as you have PlayStation Plus, you'll be free to play them to your heart's content. And with PlayStation Plus also unlocking online multiplayer and free monthly games, the subscription is already a solid value, so this just sweetens the deal.  

What is the PlayStation Plus Collection?

The PlayStation Plus Collection will be available to PS Plus subscribers from the very moment the PS5 is released. Currently, it collects 20 of the best PS4 games together to play from day one on PS5. It includes exclusive PS4 titles like God of War, Bloodborne, Days Gone and Detroit: Become Human, as well as cross-platform current-gen gems like Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1. 

So far, 20 games have been confirmed for the PlayStation Plus Collection, with more to be added post-PS5 launch. Combined with the selection of PS5 launch games and PS5 upgrade games, there will be plenty to play on day one.

PS Plus Collection game list: Every game included

This the current PlayStation Plus Collection games list, as confirmed by Sony:

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