Days Gone release date, length, PS4 gameplay, trailer and everything you need to know

While the Days Gone PS4 release date slipping from 2018 to April 26 might sound bad, it's a very Sony thing to delay a game to make sure it's just right. Naughty Dog do it all the time and that usually works out well. Even the "further polish" reason for moving it back has a familiar ring to it. It does also mean that the game slides into a much more open window which is good in terms of finding the time to actually play it now it's no longer competing with Anthem, Metro Exodus, and Crackdown 3 and other games. 

Here's everything we currently know about the Days Gone PS4 delay, new release date, combat, open world and more. 

Fast facts

  • Days Gone PS4 release date: April 26, 2019
  • Developer: SIE Bend Studio
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Format: PS4

The Days Gone release date is April 26, 2019

Days Gone release date

The Days Gone release date has slipped to April 26 from an original February target. It's the latest in the long list of slips that saw the game originally aiming for a general 2018, then early 2019, then February and now finally (hopefully) April. The brief statement says that Sony has decided "to move the release of Days Gone from the crowded February timeframe," adding that "Bend Studio will take the opportunity to further polish Days Gone." That's a good in terms of quality, but a little sucky if you're waiting to play it. 

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Days Gone PS4 exclusivity is not up for discussion

Days Gone PS4

For anyone asking if the game will come to PC or Xbox, it won't. It just won't. Sony Bend is a Sony studio, as the name suggests, and Days Gone PS4 only status is just about one of the few things you can be sure of in this world right now. Conceivably it could come to PC via Sony's PS Now streaming service, but if you're searching for other Days Gone formats, stop. 

Don't expect Days Gone coop or multiplayer 

Days Gone coop Days Gone multiplayer

Games take quite a lot of work to make, cost loads and don't tend to do 'ta-da!' surprises on potential selling points that could ensure success. For that reason, don't expect a Days Gone coop or multiplayer mode to suddenly appear without warning. The game's out early next year and this E3 passed without any mention of a Days Gone multiplayer or coop option. Not to mention the game's large, open world, day/night and weather cycles, and massive enemy counts don't favour an online or multiplayer mode. And Days Gone story is totally focused on Deacon, as the lone troubled antihero struggling to survive. 

Days Gone collector's edition

Days Gone collector's edition

With the Days Gone release date slipping to early 2019, there's no word on a Days Gone collector's edition yet, but I'm going to bet big* on a special edition of the game featuring a Deacon statue, on his bike, possibly fighting a Freaker. We'll let you know when we hear anything on that. 

*not with actual money

Days Gone PS4 gameplay

Days Gone PS4 gameplay

After an E3 reveal and some recent coverage, we've now seen quite a bit of Days Gone PS4 gameplay that explains the world and gameplay very well. It's also gives us a clear look at the hero, Deacon. 

The initial Days Gone PS4 gameplay reveal gives us a good look at the game's Freaker monsters and how they swarm in their hundreds around the environment. This first Days Gone PS4 gameplay also shows the different gameplay mechanics used to deal with swarms of enemies; from barricades, explosives and fire, and good old fashioned RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

Two subsequent Days Gone PS4 gameplay demos showed how the time of day and weather can affect things. In both of the following videos Deacon has to deal with a nearby enemy camp. Initially he uses a horde of Freakers, letting them in to eat the bad guys alive. The second time around, however, the Days Gone PS4 gameplay demo takes place in cold, snowy conditions that reduces Freaker numbers, leaving him to take a more hands on approach. 

The latest Days Gone PS4 gameplay focuses on the open world, giving us a guided tour of exploration and taking on missions in around the Pacific Northwest setting.  

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Who is Days Gone Deacon?

Days Gone Deacon

The main character, Deacon St. John is described by Sony as "a drifter and bounty hunter who would rather risk the dangers of the broken road than live in one of the 'safe' wilderness encampments." His brief backstory states that "skills learned in his prior life as an outlaw biker have given Deacon a slight edge in the seemingly never-ending fight to stay alive."

That's the official word at least. We know from previous reveals that in Days Gone Deacon had a girlfriend or wife - possibly called Sarah, if Deacon's neck tattoo refers to her - at some point, although she's only appeared in flashback so far. However, Day's Gone was recently an entry in the Into The Pixel video game art show with this image:  

That appears to show a flashback of Deacon and Sarah in the early stages of the Freaker outbreak, looting a police car. Sarah and Deacon appear to be wearing matching jackets suggesting they were both gang members. The question is, did Sarah die while gathering supplies in a similar way to this? Or did she go her own way at some point after? 

As a character, Days Gone PS4 gameplay shows Deacon as a man not afraid to kill, as well as being a brutally efficient survivor when facing the horde. In Days Gone Deacon is loyal at least, sticking closely to a friend named Boozer and risking his life several times to help him. 

How long is Days Gone? 

How long Days Gone actually is, is a pretty speculative question given it's open world gameplay. However, developer Sony Bend has been talking about the 'golden path' lasting around 30 hours. That's referring to a play through that just focuses on the single player missions. Given that this is a game full of side quests, exploration and random emergent events expect an actual playthrough to last much longer than that.  

Who are the Days Gone cast and actors? 

Days gone cast

Of the few Days Gone voice actors we know about, Sam Witwer is the main one as the actor behind Deacon St. John. He's probably best known for playing the vampire in the US version of Being Human, but you might recognise him as Starkiller from the Star Wars Force Unleashed games. Emily O'Brien has also been attached to the game but only via a Death Stranding leak, and she isn't currently officially listed anywhere. Kaiwi Lymanm who previously appeared in American Horror Story, is also playing a character called Leon but one of the first missions in the game is to find and kill him so let's not too attached.