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The Mandalorian release schedule: what time does episode 5 air on Disney Plus UK?

The Mandalorian release schedule
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The Mandalorian release schedule isn’t ideal, huh? The weekly rattling off of brilliant, yet brief episodes continues this week, however, as we’ve reached episode of the first season on Disney Plus UK.

If you’ve caught up or just want an eye towards what’s next, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got The Mandalorian episode 5 release date and air time for you – it’s all just a quick scroll away. That’s especially useful in this day and age where people can (and will) watch an episode almost the minute it drops and plaster spoilers all over social media. So, make every second count and get there when the episode drops.

With the Star Wars series also entering the final stretch, it’s worth dipping into The Mandalorian release schedule a little further down the page. Sure, you may have gotten into the routine of Friday releases, but you’ll also be able to mark down the dates for future episodes, including the season 1 finale.

The Mandalorian episode 5 release date and time

The Mandalorian episode 5 is set for Friday, April 10 at roughly 8am BST. Just log on and refresh the main page around that time and you should see it pop up there or on your watch list. If it’s a little late, don’t worry – that’s The Way it goes sometimes. Simply check back in 5-10 minutes and it should have updated.

The Mandalorian release schedule

It’s pretty much smooth sailing ahead now for The Mandalorian release schedule. Episode 5 drops this Friday, and then you’ve got a grand total of three more episodes left to look forward to thereafter. A nice end-of-week treat, that’s for sure, all the way up until the beginning of May.

  • The Mandalorian episode 1: Tuesday, March 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 2: Tuesday, March 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 3: Friday, March 27
  • The Mandalorian episode 4: Friday, April 3
  • The Mandalorian episode 5: Friday, April 10
  • The Mandalorian episode 6: Friday, April 17
  • The Mandalorian episode 7: Friday, April 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 8 (season finale): Friday, May 1

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