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All The Last of Us 2 weapons list - every gun and item you can find

the last of us 2 weapons gear items
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There's a big The Last of Us 2 weapons list to tick off if you want see all the guns and gear you can play with. And if you know where to look you can usually access some things early like bombs ans second holsters. It's actually pretty hard to miss a gun completely in The Last of Us 2 but that early get can make a big different to some encounters, so take this The Last of Us 2 weapons list - which also includes things like explosive recipes and holsters  - and get searching. 

As we mentioned this full The Last of Us 2 weapon list covers the earliest possible points you can grab these guns and items, although they can appear in different places if you miss them initially. For example, things like the short and long gun holsters can also swap places depending  on what weapons you have already when you find them.  

We should point out that there is a midpoint spoiler we've marked up to make sure you don't go past it by accident. Just work through this list weapon by weapon and you should be fine. 

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Pump Shotgun, Westlake Bank (Seattle Day 1, Downtown)

the last of us 2 shotgun

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When exploring downtown, head to the corner of James Street and 6th Avenue. You'll find the bank, but you'll need to crawl through some debris to get inside. Once you're in there, you'll have to deal with multiple infected, including clickers and runners, to get to the vault room. Search the corpse inside for the vault code (it's 602306) and then open the large vault door. Inside you'll find a pump shotgun being held by the dead body as you open it, as well as Drake's ring from Uncharted in one of the safety deposit boxes which will trigger a trophy.

Stun Bomb (FEDRA building, Seattle Day 1, Downtown)

the last of us 2 pipe bomb

(Image credit: Sony)

You'll find this domed FEDRA building in your search for gasoline. Look for the red "fuel distribution" sign and once you see it, slip through the gate next to it and then turn immediately right. At the top of the ladder, in the guard tower, you'll find the stun bomb which will allow you to craft them going forward.

Short Gun Holster (Barko's Pet Shop, Seattle Day 1, Downtown)

the last of of 2 short gun holster

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From the Courthouse, head north across the street to the small coffee shop (it's marked on your map with a knife and fork icon). Break the window to get inside (and grab a trading card from the drawers here), and then head into the back. An infected Runner will rush you in the bathroom, but once you've dispatched it you'll find a key on the baby changing unit behind for a pet shop called Barkos, nearby.

Ellie will mark Barkos' Pet Shop on the map, so head there and use the key on the side door to gain access. Once you're in, head to the store counter at the other end of the shop and pick up your new holster from it.

It's worth noting that holsters seem to be interchangeable depending on what guns you have so this might be a long holster if you find it after the shotgun.

Trap Mine (Seattle Day 1, Capitol Hill)

the last of us 2 trap mine

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you reach the Motel, shortly after escaping WLF custody, look right and you'll see a large dumpster on wheels. Push it up to the window we've identified here, and hop on and into it. At the other end of the apartment, you'll find a trap mine on the bed which will allow you to use the recipe.

Long Gun Holster (Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest)

the last of us 2 short gun holster

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you reach the street shortly after your first run-ins with sniffer dogs, head left and through the buildings or over the fence until you find the small garage we've pictured. After moving the dumpster and opening the door, three infected will rush Ellie, so keep your guard up. Once they've been dealt with, the safe inside contains a second holster, this time for long guns. The code is in the back area of the bar across the street, but if you don't want to deal with the Shambler in there it's 30-82-65.

Bow (Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest)

last of us 2 bow

(Image credit: Sony)

Toward the end of the Hillcrest chapter, you'll get in a scuffle with an infected and take his bow. It's a scripted sequence so you can't miss it, but you'll be able to test it out on some targets, too.

*Potential Spoilers after this point* 

Pipe Bomb (Seattle Day 1, On Foot)

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When in the hardware store, Manny will note that there are materials on a trolley that can be used to make a pipe bomb. It's basically a story beat you can't miss and  unlocks the recipe going forward.

Hunting Pistol (Seattle Day 1, On Foot)

last of us 2 hunting pistol

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When leaving the boat workshop, you'll come down from the roof and see a smaller building next to a larger one. In the smaller one, you'll find a note confirming a safe code as "The Big Win", but you'll need to make a note of the lottery ticket on the wall for the digits themselves (17-38-07). Once you have that, head into the larger building outside via a crack in the wall next to some palettes on the left hand side. Use the safe to grab a Hunting Pistol, and you'll also find another coin for Abby's collection in there, too.

Shotgun (Seattle Day 1, Behind Enemy Lines)

last of us 2 shotgun

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Once you get onto the pictured street, the shotgun is in the antique shop on the right. Unfortunately, you'll need to go through the shop called the Ruby Dragon on the left to be able to get there. Head up the stairs, and sneak past two clickers before jumping across the street. Once you drop down into the shop, you'll be attacked by a Runner. Once it's been dealt with, head behind the counter for your shotgun. When you grab it, you'll be rushed by another two Runners, giving you ample opportunity to try it out.

Short Gun Holster (Seattle Day 1, Hostile Territory)

the last of us 2 short gun holster

(Image credit: Sony)

Shortly after you've grabbed the shotgun, when you come to the van that's a shrine for Seraphites, head into the building to the immediate right. In the back room you'll find a long gun holster on a table.

Long Gun Holster (Seattle Day 1, The Coast) 

last of us 2 long gun holster

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you've ensured Lev and Yara are safe from the Seraphites and infected, head through the next building. In the room you need to climb onto to jump out of the upper window, you'll find the Long Gun Holster.

Crossbow (Seattle Day 1, The Coast)

last of us 2 crossbow

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Once you've worked your way onto the ferry after Abby falls into the water from the highway, you'll get the Crossbow as part of a scripted event when you head up to the upper level. 

Flamethrower (Seattle Day 2, The Descent)

last of us 2 flamethrower

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After falling from the Sky Bridge with Lev and ensuring he has a gas mask, you can find the Flamethrower on a sofa at the bottom of the hotel as you descend through it. However, in one of our playthroughs, it also appeared in the bathroom, so be sure to check around.

Silenced submachine gun (Santa Barbara, Pushing Inland)

last of us 2 submachine gun

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The submachine gun is another story pick up you can't miss once Ellie heads to Santa Barbara and meets the Rattlers faction. It's the only weapon you can't upgrade but there's not likely to be anything you'd want to change.