SFX Awards 2008 - the novels

Whoops! You saw the story last week about what had come top in the SFX Reader Awards 2008. You've gone out and bought the new issue today, and seen the results for yourself. But what's this?! The runners-up list in the Best Novel category appears to have been swiped by gremlins! Yup, sorry folks, we printed a duplicate comics list by mistake.

So here's what you're after. The top 10 SF and fantasy novels of 2008 as voted for by SFX readers are:

1 Making Money (Terry Pratchett)
2 Flood (Stephen Baxter)
3 Matter (Iain M Banks)
4 The Last Theorem (Arthur C Clarke/Frederik Pohl)
5 Empire of Ivory (Naomi Novik)
6 House of Suns (Alastair Reynolds)
7 The Red Wolf Conspiracy (Robert VS Redick)
8 Last Argument of Kings (Joe Abercrombie)
9 The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)
10 Anathem (Neal Stephenson)

Congratulations to them all. Winner Terry Pratchett responded: "My god! A huge plague of insanity must be spreading across the nation! However, maybe that's no bad thing. What can I say, except thank you very much and I love you all (but within reasonable and socially acceptable limits.)"

Thanks to all those who voted. See you for more awards fun in 2009. Don't forget to post your thoughts on the results in the comment thread below or over on our forum .