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Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss guide: How to defeat the huge, hulking beast

Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss guide
Image credit: GameRant
(Image credit: GameRant)

The Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss - while entirely optional - is one of the largest and hardest in the game. Posture is almost completely irrelevant so this is unlike a normal Sekiro boss fight. If you imagine this to be closer to something from Bloodborne or Dark Souls then you are on the right tracks really. With that said, read on for how to defeat the Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss.

How to kill the Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss

Sekiro Demon of Hatred boss guide

A lot of this fight will be spent with you next to his leading leg. You’re going to spend a lot of time circling to the left of his leg in order to avoid attacks and attacking all the while in order to reach the three deathblows required to fell this demon. While the vast majority of his attacks do huge damage, his reach is long which makes his leg the safest place to be for the most part. 

There will be a few opportunities to grapple during the fight, make sure you take these when possible as they offer a rare chance for easy damage. The unblockable attacks he uses become more frequent as you progress through the fight as well as changing in form. A good shout is to run away from him whenever you see the dreaded red kanji. The other attack to watch for is where he leaps into the air, this is followed by a fiery shockwave as he lands and is another good chance to grapple back to him. 

The final phase has him stomping a lot more which makes being underneath him a bit more dangerous. Keep an eye on his legs and if one raises up back off until he has finished the attack. Also, be wary of a barrage of fireballs he can now launch, this has him shooting eight fireballs at you. If you count them as they come out you can charge back at him just before the eighth one in order to get a few hits in. 

This is one of the longest fights in the game due to the absurd health pool of the Demon so it is very much about taking your time and getting in the easy hits. While you can expect to die off a fair few times his attacks do have tells and it is just a matter of learning them.

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