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Red Faction: Armageddon audio log locations guide

Chapter 9: On the Run

Log 31 - Very soon after Kara contacts you, you’ll notice a weapon station straight ahead. To the left of the station you’ll spot an audio log.

Log 30 - After several minutes of causing carnage with your Exo, you’ll reach a building, and Mason will ask Sam if he can cut through. Go inside and look to your left. Hop out of the Exo, break through the wall, and grab the audio log.

Log 29 - Soon after leaving the detention facility, you’ll be forced to leave your Exo in order to climb up a ladder. The audio log is waiting for you at the top near the weapon and upgrade stations.

Chapter 10: Relay Stations

Log 32 - Continue up the road leading up past where you take out one of the tentacles to find this audio log next to a collapsed tunnel entrance.

Log 07 - Soon after destroying the first relay station you’ll run into this audio log just past where the rail driver lies.

Log 34 - Just past the third relay tower. You’ll pass the log on your way to the fourth tower.

Chapters 11-14: Heavy Metal, The Temple, Hale, and Must Go Faster

No logs to worry about in these chapters, so just have fun ‘sploding stuff.

Chapter 15: Marauder Defenses

Log 03 - You’ll eventually enter a room and Kara will tell you that the first generator is online and explain your next objective. Look left of theGPS path. Run across the hanging yellow platform and to the other side. Here you’ll find a log.

Log 04 - On your way to destroying the bridge, you’ll see two tunnels side by side. The objective is to the left, but the log is to the right. Go down the right path until you’re in a black room. The audio log is through a door on the left side of that room.

Chapter 16: Older Enemies

Log 18 - Right next to the weapon station at the start of the chapter.

Log 09 - After the encounter with the second tentacle (but before the third) keep your eyes to the left to spot this log.

Log 10 - On your way to the lab you’ll pass through a fairly narrow corridor. The log is just to the left - hard to miss.
At the end of this chapter you’ll automatically obtain 10 Archivists Logs. These count toward the achievement, so even if you missed a few of the audio logs in previous missions, you should have enough now.

Above: Yeah Mason, we don’t like listening to these either

Chapter 17: Air Support

No logs here.

Chapter 18: The Road Less Traveled

Log 26 - When you hop off the lava boat (how cool is that btw) to deactivate the force field, look to the right, inside the first room you enter.

June 14, 2011