Red Faction: Armageddon audio log locations guide

In a game where you’re constantly in danger of killing yourself with your own god-like weaponry (a gun that shoots black holes? Yes please!) as you exterminate thousands of massive killer bugs, it’s easy to understand why THQ decided to condense some of the narrative into collectible audio logs. This way, you can listen to the story while you’re throwing pieces of buildings at your enemies. Even so, we won’t judge you if you’re just out for the Chronicler achievement. In fact, we’re here to help.

Note that you can find 36 logs on your own and are automatically given 11 others. Yes, that adds up to more than the 40 required (have a cookie), so technically you can unlock the achievement/trophy even if you miss a few. Good deal.

Chapter 1: The Terraformer

Log 06 - Before you enter the terraformer, walk down the road in the opposite direction of the shield to find this log.

Log 21 - Immediately after the cutscene of your reinforcements landing, clear out the enemies in the building to your right, then run along the right side of that building (or what’s left of it depending on your appetite for destruction) to find this log in the corner.

Log 22 - As you make your way to the turbine room, you’ll have to run through this hallway, where the audio log is on the right, in plain sight.

Log 23 - On the third level of the room with the glowing core in the center of it. Can’t miss this one on your left.

Chapter 2: We%26rsquo;re Not Alone

Log 33 - There’s no need to look for this log, since it’s given to you as soon as the mission begins. Here’s a purty picture anyway.

Log 20 - In the room where you’re prompted to “Clear the Debris,” walk to your left and drop down from the ledge to find this log at the base of a metal structure.

Log 24 - After several minutes of spelunking and splattering, you’ll notice this audio log just to your right. It’s in your path, so you can’t miss it.