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Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations: How to get more in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Isle of Armor Max Mushrooms
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Finding the Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations is a key mechanic in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion if you hope to Gigantamax your Pokemon in battle, but where can you find them? You're first introduced to Isle of Armor Max Mushrooms in the second trial from Mustard at the Master Dojo, but unfortunately this is the only Max Mushroom you'll be directed to. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor doesn't make things that easy for you. In order to find more Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations for Max Soup, you need to put in a little more effort.

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How to get Isle of Armor Max Mushrooms

Isle of Armor Max Mushrooms

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Thankfully, after collecting the first cluster of Max Mushrooms in the story, Honey will opt to use Avery's instead so you get to keep your cluster. They're the only three the game will simply give to you though; to get more, you need to complete Max Raid Battles.

Defeating Pokemon in Max Raid Battles will cause Max Mushrooms to start appearing on the island. They can be quite sporadic though, so keep doing more battles until you start finding them. We've got the suggested locations below.

When you do find them, they will be slightly smaller than the first time you grabbed them during the trial, simply because that first time was a cluster of three mushrooms whereas each time you find them now will simply be one by itself.

You can make Max Soup by visiting the chef in the kitchen of the Master Dojo, who will also have a list of Pokemon that can be Gigantamaxed for your perusal.

Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations

Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There are four locations that seem to be the most common for the Isle of Armor Max Mushrooms:

  • Brawler's Cave
  • Forest of Focus
  • Courageous Cavern
  • Warm-Up Tunnel

As mentioned above. complete a few Max Raid Battles then start hunting for the Max Mushrooms. If you scour all four locations and don't find any, do a few more battles and try again. Eventually you'll build up a solid Max Mushroom collection for non-stop Gigantamaxing!

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