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X-Men's Beast channels Patrick Bateman in Kill Your Friends

Nicholas Hoult stars as a power hungry music exec in the first trailer for black comedy Kill Your Friends, which has now arrived online. Set during the '90s Britpop era, he plays Steven Stelfox, a 27-year old A&R guy whose tactics for finding the next big thing are drenched in drugs, debauchery and a spot of murder.

Based on John Niven's 2008 novel, the film is directed by Owen Harris - who helmed one of the stand-out episodes of Black Mirror - and shows promise as a dark, over-the-top satire of music industry culture. This first teaser includes plenty of NSFW content as Stelfox goes to whatever lengths necessary to ensure his success. Check it out below:

Fans of Hoult who are expecting his X-Man Beast-ly warmth are in for a shock, as he brings a certain Patrick Bateman quality to Stelfox's feverish ambition - reason enough to check it out once the film hits cinemas later this year. With a stellar supporting cast including James Corden, Ed Skrein, Joseph Mawle, Georgia King, Edward Hogg, Moritz Bleibtreu and Rosanna Arquette, Kill Your Friends will debut at Toronto International Film Festival and open in the UK on November 6. There's no US release date confirmed as yet.

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