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Humble Double Fine Bundle packs up to 5 games

Have you let Double Fine's slate of games slip you by? Don't know Raz from Eddie? Maybe you need some extra encouragement to pre-order Broken Age, AKA the Double Fine Adventure? The Humble Double Fine Bundle has you covered. Covered in juice.

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer lost a bunch of weight on a juice fast recently, if that clears up anything at all. As is Humble Bundle custom, any sum nets you a DRM-free PC/Mac/Linux download of psychic platformer Psychonauts, trick-or-treating RPG Costume Quest and Matryoshka adventure Stacking--as well as Steam codes for anything over $1.

Brutal Legend comes with an above-average pledge ($8.27 right now), $35 gets a giftable pre-order of Broken Age, and a jiffy limited-edition T-shirt comes with a $70 purchase. You can split the two-headed baby between Double Fine, charities, and the Humble store.

Co-op-mech-battler-tower-defense game Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) is notably absent, likely because of its publishing deal with Microsoft.

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