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Where are the Halo Infinite Conservatory collectibles?

Halo Infinite conservatory mission dead spartan drop wall equipment item
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Trying to find Halo Infinite Conservatory collectibles might have you a bit stumped, if you’ve been scouring the Forerunner facility for them. Usually, missions in Halo Infinite have at least a few collectibles, including Skulls, which allow players to apply modifiers to their Halo Infinite campaign for an extra challenge, and audio logs, which provide snippets of lore that piece together the bigger picture of the events leading up to where Halo Infinite’s story kicks off. However, you won’t be finding many in this mission. Here’s all the information you need on Halo Infinite collectibles in the Conservatory.

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Halo Infinite Conservatory collectibles explained

Halo Infinite conservatory mission stealth elites

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

There are no Halo Infinite Conservatory collectibles at all in the mission. If you’ve been combing the entire Conservatory facility, you can stop worrying that you’ve missed something and continue with the story. Understandably, you might have been looking for any secrets in each mission to make sure you don’t miss any as Halo Infinite currently has no way of allowing players to replay missions, making the whole search for collectibles particularly difficult.

Halo Infinite conservatory mission map icon

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

You can check the type and quantity of collectibles available in any mission, and how many you’ve already collected, by hovering over the mission icon on the TacMap. This will open an information box towards the top-left corner of the map with everything you need to know about the available collectibles – and you’ll notice that the Conservatory information box has no details on collectibles. You can revisit any open-world locations to find any secret items such as the Halo Infinite Tower collectibles, which include the various audio logs, Spartan Cores, and the classic IWHBYD Skull.

While most missions have some collectibles, whether that’s a few audio logs, Halo Infinite Skulls, or some open-world collectibles, this mission allows you to focus purely on absorbing what’s going on in the story. It proves to be a pivotal one too, as Master Chief and the Weapon infiltrate the Forerunner facility to finally learn more about what the Banished are up to on Zeta Halo. 

If you need a refresher on what has happened previously, you can read our Halo Infinite story recap and listen to any audio logs you might have already picked up. You’ll also get the final two equipment items for Master Chief which you can upgrade using Halo Infinite Spartan Cores that you might have found in the open world.

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