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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hidden package location guide

Package 76: Behind some billboards near the airport.

Package 77: In an alley across the street from Robina’s Cafe (the blue building).

Package 78: On the Kaufman Cabs billboard.

Package 79: Inside this building.

Package 80: On top of the building. The roof can be reached via stairs.

Package 81: Inside the Car Showroom, second floor.

Package 82: Under the pipe between the large fuel containers.

Package 83: In between the two trailers in the parking lot.

Package 84: Inside the Escobar International Airport, the tunnel leading to gates 1-8 on the second floor.

Package 85: Inside the airport, first floor, western end of the building.

Package 86: On top of the airport.

Package 87: On the western side of the building just west of the airport, near the water.

Package 88: Under a wing of a plane in one of the hangars.

Packages 89 + 90: There is a package on top of and below the southwestern-most plane on the western terminal.

Package 91: On top of the airport’s eastern boarding gate.

Package 92: On top of a hangar east of the previous package.

Package 93: On the helipad in the southeast corner of the airport.

Package 94: On the building with the control tower, just east of the water.

Package 95: Inside a warehouse near the Viceport..

Package 96: In the northwest corner of the Viceport, near a blue building with many garage doors.

Package 97: Near an apartment building on the southeastern road in the Vice City mainland.

Package 98: On the northeastern ship near Viceport, by a shipping container.

Package 99: Under the Vice City Port Authority sign.

Package 100: On the western-most ship in Viceport. You’ll need a helicopter to reach it.