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Ghost of Tsushima pre-order price guide: get the best deal for every edition

Ghost of Tsushima pre-order price guide: get the best deal for every edition
(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

Grabbing a Ghost of Tsushima pre-order continues to be a very wise move: the noise around the game ahead of its release next week is only Very Positive and incredibly exciting. To confirm, the release date is July, 17th, 2020; a mere seven days away. So what better way to welcome in this weekend than with a Ghost of Tsushima pre-order. 

The pre-orders will continue to be in demand after Sony recently lifted the lid with an extensive gameplay demo showing off various elements of Sucker Punch's eagerly awaited samurai tale. The theatrical trailer is now with us and that means we are tantalizingly close to reading reviews and then finally getting it into our hands. We also know more about the combat, as well as the weapon upgrade systems too - there's so much to get our teeth into and to get excited about.

It had been a while since we saw fresh Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, but it certainly did not disappoint, and that July 17 release date can't come soon enough. Good thing we've got The Last of Us 2 to distract us a little while we wait. Yes, the PS5 is coming later this year, but Sony's own studios are giving the PS4 one hell of a sendoff. So why not go ahead and execute a Ghost of Tsushima pre-order?

If you're tempted by the new footage, we'd secure that Ghost of Tsushima pre-order sooner than later. Many of the special editions are already selling out. Created by Sucker Punch, the team behind inFamous and Sly Cooper, this new open-world adventure takes place in feudal Japan and tasks you with holding off hordes of Mongol invaders. Doing so won't be easy, either; you'll need to learn "the way of the Ghost" to get the upper hand in what looks to be a drop-dead gorgeous battle for survival. 

Collector's and Special Editions have been announced for Ghost of Tsushima in addition to the cheaper standard version. We've rounded up the latest pre-orders prices for all of them. We'll update this page as and when more retailers start to make stock available to order.

Get the best Ghost of Tsushima pre-order deals

All the normal players in the retail game are jumping on board with the Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders now. Also, as it is a very hotly anticipated PlayStation exclusive, any more unique or special versions that appear will likely have fluctuating stock levels. Therefore, we would recommend you don't get put off by placeholders at retailers if you find any. All the links below go to the right pages and hopefully we'll see stock levels maintained in the run-up to the June 26 release date.

Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders - Collector's Edition

Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition pre-order

The pick of the Ghost of Tsushima pre-order bunch is definitely the Collector's Edition. This features an already-iconic mask that's a replica of the in-game item. It comes on an individually numbered stand so you know it's yours alone. As well as that headline act, you'll get a sashimono (war banner) that’s nearly four and half feet long, and a traditional-style furoshiki (wrapping cloth). You’ll also get a copy of the game with the steelbook case, a physical 48-page mini art book, and a full-world, printed-on-cloth map. You'll also get a voucher for the digital goodies that comes in any pre-order - a Jin avatar, a digital mini soundtrack featuring select songs from the game, and a Jin PS4 theme - as well as that found in the digital deluxe version. This consists of a digital copy of the art book, the director's commentary, the Charm of Hachiman's Favor, a Samurai PS4 theme, and the Hero of Tsushima skin set. That. Is a lot of goodies.

US Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition pre-order links (more to follow)

UK Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition pre-order links (Game exclusive)

Australia Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition pre-order links

Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders - Special Edition

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition pre-orders

A Special Edition has arrived, too, and includes a Steelbook version of the game, case plus a voucher for an in-game skin for a Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin, a Charm of Hachiman’s Favor, one technique point, the Director’s Commentary, and a digital copy of the mini-version of the art book. Nice.

US Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition pre-order links (more to follow)

UK Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition pre-order links (more to follow)

Australia Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition pre-order links

Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders - Standard Edition

(Image credit: Sony/Suckerpunch)

Pre-order Ghost of Tsushima in its most straightforward form with the standard edition. Lovely. If there's a reveal of any pre-order bonuses, we'll update you with that information right here.

US Ghost of Tsushima Standard Edition pre-order links

UK Ghost of Tsushima Standard Edition pre-order links

Australia Ghost of Tsushima Standard Edition pre-order links

Getting the most out of your Ghost of Tsushima pre-order

Naturally, the best way to enjoy you're Ghost of Tsushima pre-order is going to be with the most optimal PlayStation setup as you can possibly manage. This means you'll want to peruse the best PS4 Pro deals to get the best out of the game's visuals. To enhance this further, it might well be worth considering one of the best gaming TVs to soak up every detail and shade of those environments as well. And finally, ensure you have a gaming sound system that will fill the room with the game's audio or go for one of the best PS4 headsets.

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