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Get your own Baby Yoda for a bargain price with these Black Friday merch deals

Baby Yoda merch
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There's no denying the world's infatuation with Baby Yoda. The green creature from The Mandalorian quickly won our hearts when the Disney Plus show first aired, and "The Child" has been in high demand ever since. With Black Friday deals now live, there's a whole lot of Baby Yoda merch on sale that's ripe for scooping up.

So, what Mandalorian merch is worth a buy? Over on BestBuy, there are a couple of Baby Yoda plushes on sale, including a talking one that comes with his own soup. There's also the huge 10" Funko Pop! that's available for a $10 discount. Then, on Amazon, there's Baby Yoda Monopoly on sale – because who doesn't want to fight with their family over intergalactic hotels this Christmas?

If you're based in the UK, you can get TWO Mandalorian Funko Pop! figures for FREE with a year-long subscription to either Total Film or SFX. Better yet, it's 49% off this Black Friday – so hurry, while we've still got some Baby Yoda's left!

Line Break

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Star Wars - The Child Talking Plush Toy | $24.99

Star Wars - The Child Talking Plush Toy | $24.99 $20.99 at Best Buy
Look at him! So cute!! And this one talks and comes with a little frog. You know you can't resist Baby Yoda's charm...

10" The Child Funk POP! | $40

10" The Child Funk POP! | $40 $29.99 at Best Buy
This little fella's not so little at all! You're paying a bit extra for a bit more chonk on Baby Yoda, as he measures 10" here

Baby Yoda Monopoly | $20

Baby Yoda Monopoly | $20 $15.97 at Best Buy
Monopoly is a timeless game that drives every family up the wall. So why not make it that little bit less frustrating by having Baby Yoda's face looking out at you. Nawwww.

Total Film subscription with TWO Mandalorian Funko Pop! figures | £50

Total Film subscription with TWO Mandalorian Funko Pop! figures | £50 £32.99 at Magazines Direct
In the UK and want all the latest exclusive movie news, plus two free Mandalorian Funk Pop! figures? Well, that's exactly what's on offer this Black Friday. Don't miss out!

If you've yet to watch The Mandalorian, then I personally have a few questions for you, but also there's never been a better time as you can stream one-and-a-half season on Disney Plus right now! Check out the best Disney Plus bundles available right now.

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