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Friday Link-A-Mania

Caprica Preview
Courtesy of Amazon’s Armchair Commentary .

Robert Carlyle On The Next Stargate
Sci Fi Wire has an interview with Trainspotting actor Robert Carlyle about his starring role in the upcoming Stargate Universe: "I think this one, while it's retaining the features that made the other ones successful, hopefully, it's slightly different in the respect that this is about a struggle for survival. The guys, everyone's been transferred onto this massive spaceship, the Destiny. They think it's actually a planet, because it's so big. The Destiny is where the story then really takes off, and it's how these guys survive. ... Simple things like life support, air ... The first three episodes are called "Air," the struggle to breathe; "Water," that's another title; "Fire" is another; "Earth" is another. So there's something quite basic about it. There's not so much, maybe, alien interaction. It's maybe a bit more drama this time, a bit more character-driven." Hmmm, character driven? Or credit crunch TV, perhaps?

Terminator Salvation Poster
IGN has the new Terminator Salvation poster. Click on the image below for the larger version on the IGN site.

Terminator Salvation

Wolverine TV Trailer

Major Doctor Who Special News
Okay, it is in The Sun so you have a right to be suspicious, but The Sun has had a good record of "leaked" Who stories that turn out to be (at least partially) true. So click here if want major spoilerage, and if you want to discuss it, remember that people who don’t want to be spoiled read the comments section below as well.