Fortnite Vending Machines locations: what's in them and where are they?

Epic Games has been non-stop updating Fortnite over the last few months, and the April 4th patch came in at a whopping 10GB and added... Vending Machines? What are they, what do they do and where can you find them I hear you ask? Well, let me take you through just that!

What do Fornite's vending machines give you?

Fortnite's vending machines allow you to trade your building materials for a weapon, trap or other item. Each will machine randomly be assigned a rarity, from common, all the way up to legendary and only dispense things at that level. So, for example, a common level vending machine will take 100 quantity of any material - wood, brick or metal - and in return it will spit out a common item. You can select what from the three options displayed either by whacking the machine to cycle through them, or waiting for it to automatically scroll through its selection. 

The items you can get are randomly generated within its rarity category so it's possible to get repeats, but at a different cost. You might get lucky and find a epic rocket launcher for 400 bricks and another one for 400 wood in the same machine.

This should help players gather extra weapons if they feel confident sacrificing 500 wood for that legendary shotgun, and even extra ammo if you can afford to buy duplicates. However, try to keep at least some materials in your inventory as you're going to need them to defend yourselves later on. And, if you plan to loot and then destroy them, you’ll be sad to know that these machine are in fact indestructible, so use them as cover if needs be.

Where can you find Fornite's vending machines?

The big question. Where can you find Fortnite's vending machines on the map? Rumour has it that only three vending machines spawn on the map within a game. If this is true, they are actually quite rare to come by. Now I kind of agree with this: in one match I managed to find two, and in another I ran around for a whole game to find nothing but disappointment. If I had to give guess I would say between 3-5 in one match, but nobody knows as of yet.

Our friends over at Fortnite Intel have put together a map (below) which has recorded all the known locations that have been reported so far. These are only locations where a vending machine has been found though, not a guarantee there will be one there all the time. I ran around headlessly along the western side of the map to find nothing, the same with Flush Factory, Fatal Fields and Dusty Depot - nothing. I had more luck at the Motel in DS and Retail Row in H6. Both of these locations seemed to have a vending machine most of the time. Realistically though, definitively saying where Fortnite's vending machines are is almost impossible because they're randomly generated.

There you have it! A quick guide on everything you need to know about vending machines in Fortnite. Overall I think these are a nice addition, giving players more options and creating flash points on the map - with popular locations will come campers and a hell of a lot of traps. So if you’re about to use one, check your corners, and look for C4.

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